Thursday, September 14, 2006

One for the Calendar, One for Next Week.

So, I'm a charitable person, and since I have boobs, I'm going to let you in on a show for a good cause. It's called the Breast Event Ever, and it's going to be held at Park Tavern next Thursday, September 21st (Hey-that's my mom's birthday! She'll be 55, and a senior citizen. I wonder if she reads this...). The cost is $35, and for that money, you'll see two amazing singer/songwriters, Deke Spears and Jonathan Eller, and the bands Nova Milo and Ocha La Rocha. I got to catch Deke and Jonathan in an impromptu situation at Smith's Tuesday night, and that poo was the jam. Did I mention that there's an open bar from 7-9? Well, there is. Check out the website for more info on that.

And...the show for your calendar! This is uber mucho importante! Why? Well, because I'm kind of a sponsor! You can see that on the poster. This is going to be a really energetic show and one not to be missed. So, get out your Crackberry, your Palm Pilot, or your old-fashioned At-A-Glance and write this down: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH, 10 HIGH. The Swear, Rantings of Eva, and Overwhelmed will be playing a fun show hosted by none other than my favorite 99X DJ, Steve Craig. Love his Retroplex come out! You have time to prepare. Bring your friends. Show me you actually read this damn blog.

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