Sunday, September 24, 2006

Odds and Ends.

The beautiful thing about blogging about music is that you're alerted of the newest content to hit. While sometimes it sucks balls, most of the time it's good stuff.

Since I have the most eclectic taste of anyone I know, I'll pass off this artist to you. He's called Tiga and the info that caught my attention regarding him is that on his new release, Sexor, he collaborates with the Scissor Sisters, whom I increasingly heart. (Sidenote: Click that link to the Scissor Sisters, and you can stream their entire album...woohoo!) Tiga sports the electronic sound that makes for a good party, and you can hear the single "Far From Home" by clicking here. The song has this lovely 80s feel to it that might be borderline Pet Shop Boys-ish, which is something I can definitely dig. Tiga's hot, from Canada, and the poster-child of all things Tom Ford. So check it, yo.

Another band that I've received wonderful news about is the Features (remember that song..."If you're happy and you know it, turn the volume up and blow it out...?" Same guys.). They're coming out with a 5-song EP and the one sample I got is pretty much awesome. The dude's voice is super, because it's kind of all over the place...very wavering...and it fits in between the "woo woo" sounds the rest of the band throws out. You can listen to "Contrast" by clicking here.

Ah, and I've been sitting on this link to a video from The Secret Machines (who will blow your ears away, by the way) for their single "All At Once (It's Not Important)." Maybe it doesn't seem like a work of art, but the point is that the band is doing this revolutionary (sort of) thing where they set up the stage in the middle of the room, and show-goers actually form a circle around it, which you can see in the video. They're playing Center Stage (formerly Earthlink Live) on October 31st if you want to be a witness to a cool event.

And locally, I went to give Tim Brantley another go at Smith's Olde Bar last night. Opening up for him was a band called Princess, who are apparently changing their name to Connor Christian and the Morningstar Revival. It was probably the worst shit I've ever endured in my life. I think I decided I'd rather be stranded on the toilet with a major case of swamp ass than have to be subjected to that again. It's so painful to see a white dude in dreads try to rap in between songs that might be called country. So, beware of that. Tim Brantley sounded much better than the last time I saw them, and I almost wish I could've endured the drunk ass patrons long enough to stay for the whole set, but alas, I had to bolt after about 4 songs. Maybe I need to see him at a different venue.
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