Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Musical Journey from Yours Truly.

I'm trying to save my creative juices for something I have to work on later, so I'm just going to make a couple of mentions here.

1 - I went to 10 High this past Friday to see Nova Milo, who I, unfortunately, had to miss because I ended up having to leave. But...I did see a band that I thought was super from Orlando, FL called Plain Jane Automobile. They kind of reminded me of U2 and Snow Patrol. They had quite the crowd and attention of the audience for an out of town band, so yay for them. Good stuff. Go listen to it.

2 - This weekend kicks off the Paste Rock n Reel Festival. It's basically a film and indie music festival put on by...Paste Magazine (Man, would it be awesome to get a paid writing gig from them...). It starts Saturday (Sept. 16) over in East Atlanta. Local music will be at the EARL that night and all week with bands like The Futurists, Tiger! Tiger!, and Morning State. Paste is also bringing in national acts like Band of Horses at Variety Playhouse on Sunday (Sept 17) and Sufjan Stevens at the Fox Theatre on Wednesday (Sept. 20).

3 - Army of Me is coming back to Atlanta tomorrow night (Sept. 14) to play the EARL with the Damnwells and the Beggars' Guild. So, make yourself a dang quesadilla and then go see this show. Seriously.

4 - Friday, Sept 14 Dropsonic at the EARL, Starsailor will be at the Loft (I like them...they make me want to slit my wrists in a tub full of ice water, but in a good way), and Red Letter Agent will be over at Smith's Olde Bar. Apparently there is also some kind of after the rock show party thing with DJ L from Break-Thru Radio at Smith's.

5 - Saturday night (Sept. 16) there is some kind of Pool Party/Rock Show at the Drunken Unicorn with Club Awesome and League of Evil. I was told you get half price admission if you wear a swimsuit. Hmm. I'm a little afraid of guys in Speedos, but this sounds like a fun idea.

6 - I will be taking my ass to the Braves game for beer and hot dogs, but there is a free show Sunday (Sept. 17) at Park Tavern with Regina Spektor and Adam James. It says Adam James on the link I provided, however, it says something different on the 99X website. So, don't quote me on that. Adam James, for those who don't know, is a local singer-songwriter that doesn't suck ass.

Alright, kiddies. If there are any questions about the musical journey I'm trying to take you on in the next four days, contact me, or comment, or whatever. You know the drill. Word.
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