Sunday, September 03, 2006

Eller is AOK.

Last night, I took a little road trip to Athens to devirginize myself of a full set of Eller. My travel buddies and I all rolled up into Tasty World amongst all the highly inebriated UGA fans who were celebrating winning their first exhibition game of the season. I'd just like to interject here that all the chicks in that town looked like hookers, and all the guys look like they took a wrong turn on the way to the boat dock and ended up in downtown Athens. Really, ladies, put some clothes on. I don't want to see your ass.

Anyways, Eller went on first, and having only seen them play a total of two songs in Open Mic Madness (where they lost out to Groovestain, which I'm still trying to figure out, because I think Groovestain sucks, but whatever), I wasn't really sure what to expect from a 45 minute set, especially since I'm only familiar with maybe four of their songs. I must say that I was highly impressed. They played "Mother," which is hands down my favorite tune of theirs, and it sounded perfect (you can go listen to/download that song on their MySpace site). Jonathan Eller can really back up his recorded material live, as his voice was strong and apparent the entire time. This band is solid, and tight as hell, which is evident from just watching them do their thing. The one thing I noticed about the musical content is that every song sounds like it's coming from a different genre or influence, and that's something I fully respect, because who the hell wants to hear eight songs that all sound the same? I don't. Eller broke out the most recent single, "Hurricane," and I really dug the slight hint of bluesy rock displayed. It's pretty clear that this band takes from an influence of Doves in some instances (check out "Fortunate" on their MySpace), but like I said before, there's a presence of so many different sounds that Eller can be appealing to music lovers of many genres. I'm still trying to figure out why I didn't know about this band sooner, because they definitely stand out as stellar compared to the majority of bands in Atlanta.

And, since I'm a girl, I'll say that collectively, Eller is super easy on the eyes, too. You can check them out during the Atlantis Music Conference on October 5th at the 585.

Headlining last night is another band that I recommend you check out called Holiday. They have this very cool pop/punk thing going on that had me tapping my foot, and possibly practicing the obligatory head bob. I really like Andrew Rudeseal's has this range that had me mesmerized. The music is upbeat and catchy, but not annoying like the bubblegum pop/punk that's predominant in the world of a sixteen-year-old girl.
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