Monday, September 18, 2006


After I pretty much did myself in on Friday, thanks to Ciroc, Saturday was overall a lax time. I went over to the 585 for a minute, and ended up staying there because there was a band playing that captured every ounce of my wavering attention. They're Airspace, and they're comprised of a mix of pure Irishmen and some guys from North Carolina. It's really cool to hear the Irish accent from Alyn Stewart in between songs (what? I'm a chick and I like foreign accents...doesn't everyone?). Airspace has this perfect formula of fellow Irish rockers, U2, mixed with something that resembles the Beatles that makes for a stellar sound I haven't heard from any other bands lately. I know that on their MySpace site (linked above), "Candle" and "Hunky Dory" are the two songs that stood out the most from what I heard. The first one has this heartwrenching tone that actually brought tears to my eyes, something that's hard to accomplish on a girl who is accused of having no feelings. You should probably go listen to it, otherwise, you're missing out on something that you'll most likely really dig. A & R reps might find themselves scrambling for an extra pair of drawers after experiencing Airspace. The band is embarking on a tour of Europe in the winter, but before that, they will be coming back to the 585 to play alongside the Californias (who are probably one of the most fun bands to witness) and Chainestereo (dirty, garage rock) on October 21. So mark your calendars because you'll want to see this. I promise...and I don't lie about music, kids.
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