Thursday, September 28, 2006


This week has kind of sucked for music, although last night I saw Kill Gordon play at the Drunken Unicorn; this being the first time since they got a new drummer settled in. While KG’s performance was right along their usual style, the sound at the Drunken Unicorn sucks. There, I said it. I’ve never been to a show there where it actually sounded good, and I was kicking myself in the ass for changing purses before the show and leaving my earplugs behind, as they would’ve been some kind of saving grace last night, I’m sure. The good news is that the new material KG debuted is definitely stuff that far from sucks, so there’s something to look forward to. Catch them during the 99X showcase at The Loft on October 7th during Atlantis. They go on at 9:00.

Speaking of Atlantis, it’s this massive three day music conference/festival October 5-7, which happens to be next weekend. You can get a schedule here, and if you happen to notice that there are multiple acts you want to see at multiple venues on multiple days, your best bet is to shell out $40 for an all access wristband. It gets you into every venue over the course of three days, so you don’t have to pay a cover. Yay. You can get those wristbands from Ticket Alternative. Info on them here.

But before the madness of next weekend, I’m going to attend a couple of shows.

I am apparently getting in the car and driving to the lovely North Georgia Mountains to reconnect with my hippie roots to go to this Sautee Jamboree thing on Saturday, September 30th. The weather is really nice, and I’m losing my shit over here because I’m so excited. Plus, Jon Harris and the Sin Hounds are playing, and they’re like, my favorite blues act around here. There will also be sets from Big City Sunrise, Blueground Undergrass, and The Last Waltz Ensemble, just to name a couple. If you get a wild hair, you should trek up there, because it looks like it’s going to be a blast.

And, it has been brought to my attention that DJ L over at BreakThru Radio is hosting a show next week called “In the Mix,” and it’s basically a way for her to brag about the Atlanta music scene to a national audience, so if you’re curious about the acts around here and want to taste them all in one place, it’d be a good idea to check that out. Just click the link there to BreakThru Radio beginning October 2nd, which is Monday (can you believe it’s already October??). Here is the set list of bands she’s planning to spin…you’ll probably recognize a few of them from right here in this very blog:

Morning State – Retreat!!!
Club Awesome – We Are A Great Band Called Club Awesome
Dead Confederate – Dead Confederate EP
The Booze – Easy Beats in Modern Time
Variac – Break It To Your Boyfriend
Thee Crucials – Instant Party
Butterfly Stitch – Butterfly Stitch
The Beggars’s Guild – Fifth Story Music Demos
Sovus Radio - Demo
Liverpool Kiss – Liverpool Kiss
The Workouts – Black and White EP
Sonia Leigh - EP
The Empties- Dorothy EP
Snowden – Anti-Anti
The Gates Of Berlin – Whispers From the Balcony
Psyche Origami – The Standard

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Odds and Ends.

The beautiful thing about blogging about music is that you're alerted of the newest content to hit. While sometimes it sucks balls, most of the time it's good stuff.

Since I have the most eclectic taste of anyone I know, I'll pass off this artist to you. He's called Tiga and the info that caught my attention regarding him is that on his new release, Sexor, he collaborates with the Scissor Sisters, whom I increasingly heart. (Sidenote: Click that link to the Scissor Sisters, and you can stream their entire album...woohoo!) Tiga sports the electronic sound that makes for a good party, and you can hear the single "Far From Home" by clicking here. The song has this lovely 80s feel to it that might be borderline Pet Shop Boys-ish, which is something I can definitely dig. Tiga's hot, from Canada, and the poster-child of all things Tom Ford. So check it, yo.

Another band that I've received wonderful news about is the Features (remember that song..."If you're happy and you know it, turn the volume up and blow it out...?" Same guys.). They're coming out with a 5-song EP and the one sample I got is pretty much awesome. The dude's voice is super, because it's kind of all over the place...very wavering...and it fits in between the "woo woo" sounds the rest of the band throws out. You can listen to "Contrast" by clicking here.

Ah, and I've been sitting on this link to a video from The Secret Machines (who will blow your ears away, by the way) for their single "All At Once (It's Not Important)." Maybe it doesn't seem like a work of art, but the point is that the band is doing this revolutionary (sort of) thing where they set up the stage in the middle of the room, and show-goers actually form a circle around it, which you can see in the video. They're playing Center Stage (formerly Earthlink Live) on October 31st if you want to be a witness to a cool event.

And locally, I went to give Tim Brantley another go at Smith's Olde Bar last night. Opening up for him was a band called Princess, who are apparently changing their name to Connor Christian and the Morningstar Revival. It was probably the worst shit I've ever endured in my life. I think I decided I'd rather be stranded on the toilet with a major case of swamp ass than have to be subjected to that again. It's so painful to see a white dude in dreads try to rap in between songs that might be called country. So, beware of that. Tim Brantley sounded much better than the last time I saw them, and I almost wish I could've endured the drunk ass patrons long enough to stay for the whole set, but alas, I had to bolt after about 4 songs. Maybe I need to see him at a different venue.

Monday, September 18, 2006


After I pretty much did myself in on Friday, thanks to Ciroc, Saturday was overall a lax time. I went over to the 585 for a minute, and ended up staying there because there was a band playing that captured every ounce of my wavering attention. They're Airspace, and they're comprised of a mix of pure Irishmen and some guys from North Carolina. It's really cool to hear the Irish accent from Alyn Stewart in between songs (what? I'm a chick and I like foreign accents...doesn't everyone?). Airspace has this perfect formula of fellow Irish rockers, U2, mixed with something that resembles the Beatles that makes for a stellar sound I haven't heard from any other bands lately. I know that on their MySpace site (linked above), "Candle" and "Hunky Dory" are the two songs that stood out the most from what I heard. The first one has this heartwrenching tone that actually brought tears to my eyes, something that's hard to accomplish on a girl who is accused of having no feelings. You should probably go listen to it, otherwise, you're missing out on something that you'll most likely really dig. A & R reps might find themselves scrambling for an extra pair of drawers after experiencing Airspace. The band is embarking on a tour of Europe in the winter, but before that, they will be coming back to the 585 to play alongside the Californias (who are probably one of the most fun bands to witness) and Chainestereo (dirty, garage rock) on October 21. So mark your calendars because you'll want to see this. I promise...and I don't lie about music, kids.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

One for the Calendar, One for Next Week.

So, I'm a charitable person, and since I have boobs, I'm going to let you in on a show for a good cause. It's called the Breast Event Ever, and it's going to be held at Park Tavern next Thursday, September 21st (Hey-that's my mom's birthday! She'll be 55, and a senior citizen. I wonder if she reads this...). The cost is $35, and for that money, you'll see two amazing singer/songwriters, Deke Spears and Jonathan Eller, and the bands Nova Milo and Ocha La Rocha. I got to catch Deke and Jonathan in an impromptu situation at Smith's Tuesday night, and that poo was the jam. Did I mention that there's an open bar from 7-9? Well, there is. Check out the website for more info on that.

And...the show for your calendar! This is uber mucho importante! Why? Well, because I'm kind of a sponsor! You can see that on the poster. This is going to be a really energetic show and one not to be missed. So, get out your Crackberry, your Palm Pilot, or your old-fashioned At-A-Glance and write this down: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH, 10 HIGH. The Swear, Rantings of Eva, and Overwhelmed will be playing a fun show hosted by none other than my favorite 99X DJ, Steve Craig. Love his Retroplex come out! You have time to prepare. Bring your friends. Show me you actually read this damn blog.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Musical Journey from Yours Truly.

I'm trying to save my creative juices for something I have to work on later, so I'm just going to make a couple of mentions here.

1 - I went to 10 High this past Friday to see Nova Milo, who I, unfortunately, had to miss because I ended up having to leave. But...I did see a band that I thought was super from Orlando, FL called Plain Jane Automobile. They kind of reminded me of U2 and Snow Patrol. They had quite the crowd and attention of the audience for an out of town band, so yay for them. Good stuff. Go listen to it.

2 - This weekend kicks off the Paste Rock n Reel Festival. It's basically a film and indie music festival put on by...Paste Magazine (Man, would it be awesome to get a paid writing gig from them...). It starts Saturday (Sept. 16) over in East Atlanta. Local music will be at the EARL that night and all week with bands like The Futurists, Tiger! Tiger!, and Morning State. Paste is also bringing in national acts like Band of Horses at Variety Playhouse on Sunday (Sept 17) and Sufjan Stevens at the Fox Theatre on Wednesday (Sept. 20).

3 - Army of Me is coming back to Atlanta tomorrow night (Sept. 14) to play the EARL with the Damnwells and the Beggars' Guild. So, make yourself a dang quesadilla and then go see this show. Seriously.

4 - Friday, Sept 14 Dropsonic at the EARL, Starsailor will be at the Loft (I like them...they make me want to slit my wrists in a tub full of ice water, but in a good way), and Red Letter Agent will be over at Smith's Olde Bar. Apparently there is also some kind of after the rock show party thing with DJ L from Break-Thru Radio at Smith's.

5 - Saturday night (Sept. 16) there is some kind of Pool Party/Rock Show at the Drunken Unicorn with Club Awesome and League of Evil. I was told you get half price admission if you wear a swimsuit. Hmm. I'm a little afraid of guys in Speedos, but this sounds like a fun idea.

6 - I will be taking my ass to the Braves game for beer and hot dogs, but there is a free show Sunday (Sept. 17) at Park Tavern with Regina Spektor and Adam James. It says Adam James on the link I provided, however, it says something different on the 99X website. So, don't quote me on that. Adam James, for those who don't know, is a local singer-songwriter that doesn't suck ass.

Alright, kiddies. If there are any questions about the musical journey I'm trying to take you on in the next four days, contact me, or comment, or whatever. You know the drill. Word.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Finally...Lenny's is Open.

Well, they never technically closed, but Lenny's was waiting on the approval of a liquor license at the new location, which happened such a short time ago that the ink is still drying. So here's the info on the new location, where they will be moving everything as of tonight.

If you're more into the early shows, then hit the EARL tonight to check out the Five Foot Flame and some other bands playing for the Other Sound Festival. You'll probably want to get there around 8 to soak it all in.

Tomorrow night, I plan to go to the Drunken Unicorn to see Summerbirds in the Cellar from Florida, who are playing with Deerhunter, who I will not be sticking around for. Why? Because I'm pretty sure I'm just not interested.

I'll just point out that you have no excuse to not do something because you don't know where a venue is - because I have all the ones I mention combined in one entry with directions and a map and info about parking linked over to the right. Word.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Admittance. It Sucks.

A couple of things...

First, there's a band called Like Clockwork that I caught at Open Mic Madness one night, and they performed this song that I thought was just great. I asked them what the name of it was and could I please hear it somewhere, and they told me it's called "Black Ice," and as of last night, you can download it from their MySpace site. It's got this great combination of twangy, country guitars with a classic punk rock vocal showing. So go here to get your free sample of Like Clockwork. You can catch them at the 585 during Atlantis on October 7.

Second, ugh, and here's where I produce the face that usually only happens when I've sucked on a lemon, I have a little confession to make. I wake up with a song in my head every morning. In the past couple of weeks, there has been a recurring one. It's gotten so bad that I actually had to put the CD in my player on the way to work this morning, and that's not the first time. Who is this mystery artist? Why, it's Tim Brantley. I'm not sure what's going on in my head, but I guess he's one of those that literally had to grow on me. Granted, when I listen to the CD, it's the same four songs over and over. And it just so happens that those four songs are all on his MySpace site. Okay - so there. I admitted it. If you're in Athens, you can catch him September 14th at Tasty World, and in Atlanta, his next show is at Smith's on September 23rd. Word.

Monday, September 04, 2006

In Anticipation of Becoming Ancient.

I know it's only September. However, I'm putting this out there because in the world of music, people are slow. You want to get a show booked, it sometimes takes a month to get everyone on the same page, make sure the venue is available, etc. So, because of all those things, I'm putting the word out about a show that I, Leah, will be putting together to celebrate...myself. I know, it's completely self-serving, but if I really gave a shit, then I wouldn't do it, eh?

My birthday is December 29th. That's a Friday. I'll be 27. I had this idea long ago to put together a show of my favorite local acts and call it a "Confessions of a Music Addict" showcase. Of course, I never ended up doing it, so I figured the best way to insure a good show on my birthday that'll give me and whoever else wants to celebrate something fun to do, I should put it together myself, as a showcase for the blog that just happens to fall on my birthday.

I have secured one band, League of Evil. Essentially, I would like 2 or 3 others to go along with that on the bill. Preferably bands I've spoken nicely about, which would indicate that I enjoy their music.

If anyone would like to volunteer for one of those remaining spots, please let me know. It would make my life easier than having to deal with your manager or booking person, or whatever. It's a hassle to go through so many people just to book a band. It actually pisses me off because I'm prompt and like to have things done when I think about them, while anyone behind the scenes of the band likes to take their sweet ass time, and won't get back to me until the last minute. (I'll interject that I did talk to one manager...and SHE got back to me the same week, so she's excluded from that.)

I want to heavily promote this, therefore, I'd like to have it in stone by October so I can alert print publications about it and create some buzz. Then, everyone wins! Ideally, I'd like for the bands and venue to make money, and for me to be drunk and happy on my birthday, as I get closer to age 3-0.

In conclusion, if there's anything anyone would like to do to help, if you'd like to play on the blog showcase/birthday blowout, contact me and we'll work something out. Word.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Eller is AOK.

Last night, I took a little road trip to Athens to devirginize myself of a full set of Eller. My travel buddies and I all rolled up into Tasty World amongst all the highly inebriated UGA fans who were celebrating winning their first exhibition game of the season. I'd just like to interject here that all the chicks in that town looked like hookers, and all the guys look like they took a wrong turn on the way to the boat dock and ended up in downtown Athens. Really, ladies, put some clothes on. I don't want to see your ass.

Anyways, Eller went on first, and having only seen them play a total of two songs in Open Mic Madness (where they lost out to Groovestain, which I'm still trying to figure out, because I think Groovestain sucks, but whatever), I wasn't really sure what to expect from a 45 minute set, especially since I'm only familiar with maybe four of their songs. I must say that I was highly impressed. They played "Mother," which is hands down my favorite tune of theirs, and it sounded perfect (you can go listen to/download that song on their MySpace site). Jonathan Eller can really back up his recorded material live, as his voice was strong and apparent the entire time. This band is solid, and tight as hell, which is evident from just watching them do their thing. The one thing I noticed about the musical content is that every song sounds like it's coming from a different genre or influence, and that's something I fully respect, because who the hell wants to hear eight songs that all sound the same? I don't. Eller broke out the most recent single, "Hurricane," and I really dug the slight hint of bluesy rock displayed. It's pretty clear that this band takes from an influence of Doves in some instances (check out "Fortunate" on their MySpace), but like I said before, there's a presence of so many different sounds that Eller can be appealing to music lovers of many genres. I'm still trying to figure out why I didn't know about this band sooner, because they definitely stand out as stellar compared to the majority of bands in Atlanta.

And, since I'm a girl, I'll say that collectively, Eller is super easy on the eyes, too. You can check them out during the Atlantis Music Conference on October 5th at the 585.

Headlining last night is another band that I recommend you check out called Holiday. They have this very cool pop/punk thing going on that had me tapping my foot, and possibly practicing the obligatory head bob. I really like Andrew Rudeseal's has this range that had me mesmerized. The music is upbeat and catchy, but not annoying like the bubblegum pop/punk that's predominant in the world of a sixteen-year-old girl.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Pseudo-Van and the Caravan.

I love Blind Willie’s. Really, it’s one of the most fun venues in the city, but you probably won’t catch yourself in there unless you enjoy the blues, which I do. Last night Greg Hester played a stellar show there to a very enthusiastic, partially drunk crowd of Van Morrison lovers of all ages, appropriately enough on Van’s birthday. I turned to my friend at one point during the set and exclaimed that it was amazing how much this guy sounds like Van. He has that uncanny way of sounding like he’s got a mouth full of marbles while serenading you with the classics. Hester was backed by the band Caravan, which consisted of a really bad ass sax player and a cellist that literally blew me away. I sat in awe for a good amount of time marveling over this dude’s skills with a bow.

You could feel the excitement in the air when the band played favorites like “Crazy Love,” “Moondance,” “Into the Mystic,” “Caravan,” and a cover of the cover, “It’s a Man’s World.” Some people pulled their asses from their chairs and cut a rug in the small space in front of the stage, while others just clapped from their seats in rhythm with the music. It was like a big gathering of friends, and just what I needed after a long week. Hester comes to Atlanta to play pretty often, so if you can stomach the trash in Suckhead, he’ll be at Mike ‘n Angelo’s on September 22nd, or you can catch him November 24th at Smith’s Olde Bar. I’m pretty sure he’ll bring his game with soulful originals, which I’d love to witness.