Monday, August 28, 2006

What You Can Look Forward To.

Since it's Monday, and the majority of us are back to churning butter, I thought I would point out what you have to look forward to this weekend. There's not a whole lot since pretty much everything was stuffed into the past 2 weekends, and next weekend will be heinous, too. Still, here's what's worth mentioning:

*Tuesday, August 29th: If you're feeling randy for an almost mid-week outing, head to 10 High to see Pacifico. Click that link for a listen, and if you like it, you can download the songs for FREE. I haven't caught this band live, yet, but I have them on my iPod. $5

*Friday - September 1st: This is probably the best way to kick off the month that marks the beginning of my most favorite season of them all. The Judies will be rocking your face off at 10 High. If you want to see my report card on them, read here.

*Saturday, September 2nd:

-->League of Evil will be at the EARL. Yet, another band I put my stamp of approval on, which you can read about here.

-->Also happening this weekend, the annual Drive Invasion event at the Starlight Six Drive-In theater. Yes, Atlanta has a drive-in theater.

-->And, if you happen to be in Athens this weekend, or if you're fortunate enough to live there, Eller will be playing with Holiday at Tasty World. I'll be there. I think it's time for another road trip. There aren't any tracks up on Holiday's site, but I've heard them and I have a couple on the iPod, and it's good stuff. And of course, Eller is safe bet. So, if you're in Athens, come out.
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