Sunday, August 27, 2006

Slushco, and Results.

So, since I was wiped out on Open Mic Madness by the time Thursday rolled around, I didn't attend the last two nights to see who won. However, judging by Internet congratulations, I will say that I called this one, as it appears Dead Confederate took home the title. You can ask anyone I talked to this past week who I predicted, and they'll tell you I said, "I think Dead Confederate has this one." So, congratulations to them. Next time I can get to one of their shows, I will, and I'll bring earplugs, because those guys turn that shit up loud.

On another note, it appears that I have an EP in my possession that I had put aside and forgotten about because I didn't really care about listening to it. So sue me. Luckily, the band just happened to write me a little message and ask me to give it a listen, and I am super glad I did. I can't figure out why I've been neglecting to check this out. We're talking about Slushco here, and their EP, Clouds, will put you on Mars. Really. There's a ton of synth going on that reminds me of what you'd find on the Thriller album, except that instead of a pigment-challenged dude singing in a high pitched voice, you have a soothing monotonous sounding guy harmonzing with all the cosmic music coming from his band. I don't normally dig monotony, but there's something about this that's hitting me straight in the heart; it's making me actually feel the music. Particularly, you should check out "Waiting for Response," which you can on their MySpace page, linked above. It's nothing short of awesome with melodies that'll have you bobbing your head towards the end, after you've sat around closing your eyes picturing lift off from the airy and psychedelic nature of the underlying music. You can see Slushco in action at Lenny's on September 9th during the Other Sound Festival.

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