Sunday, August 20, 2006

Open Mic Madness Begins Tomorrow.

Ladies and Gents:

Let all your uncool friends know about the biggest open mic competition in the city: Open Mic Madness. It begins tomorrow and goes through Saturday. If you've never been, try to go up to Smith's Olde Bar at least one night this week to support the local acts. You can even vote for who you like.

I will be in attendance most of the week. I will definitely be there on Wednesday, because I'm judging. Come out if you feel like slapping me in the face or kissing my ass. Either one works.

Last year, Sovus Radio took home the grand prize . . . a spot on the Rock Boat, a floating music festival. It was also the event that introduced me to The Futurists. This year, I've heard some of the names of the bands participating, and it's going to be a tough competition, so be sure to witness it for yourself.
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