Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Musical Vacation.

First off, do you like Van Morrison? How can you not? He's Van the Man! Anyways, there's this charity thing at Blind Willie's tomorrow night, where Greg Hester will be playing with Caravan (get the song reference there?). It's a Van Morrison Tribute of sorts, and I am going to be there, because like I've said before, Thursday is the new Friday, and I've heard this guy sing and he is a dead ringer for ole Van.

Okay, now for a little mini-vacation from the United States to our lovely neighbors to the north: Canada. A friend of mine mixed me a little CD with a bunch of Canadian artists on it, and I have to tell you, I'm jealous I don't live there and have this kind of awesomeness readily available to me. Thinking back, some of my favorite artists in the States are actually from Canada, like Metric, Broken Social Scene, Alanis Morissette, Barenaked Ladies, Our Lady Peace, and Bryan Adams (Yes, I effin' lurve him; "Can't Stop This Thing We Started" and "Summer of '69?" Come on!). I'll mention a couple of the bands he threw my way that I'm now completely in love with, and I think if you take the time to click on the links I so graciously give you that you'll enjoy this musical genius as well.

*The Golden Dogs: Wow. Listen to the track "Never Meant Any Harm" to pick up what I'm throwin' down. Very quirky little intro done with some sort of keyboard sounding device (maybe a keyboard? ;)) leads into a chorus that lifts and falls in a beautifully done manner. I keep picturing four heads on a TV screen bobbing back in forth like the Bradys or something when I listen to it. There are a couple other songs you can listen to (and download for FREE!) as well, and they all have this 80s undertone to them that bites me right in the ass, because I'm a sucker for that.

*Major Grange: Check out "Lady Before" for a more mellow sounding tune reminiscent of something like the Beatles or any other pop band of the 60s/70s era. It's super soothing and makes me wish I was sitting under a black light with a notepad, burning incense like a true hippie would. They also have some tracks you can download for free.

*King Tobias: Another band that kind of reminds me of the 60s/70s. Check out "Living Without You" and you'll probably hear a lot of Jimi Hendrix in there, I know I sure as hell did (much like "The Wind Cried Mary" if you ask me). FREE downloads.

*Paso Mino: Here's a very cool "indie" rock with an underlying folk feel to it (I'm pretty sure it's the guitar style used and long drawls of the vocals that put the 'folk' label on it). I like "Sportscar." Once again, free downloads. And if you really love it, then you can catch them live and in color on September 18th at The 40 Watt in Athens backing Jason Collett (yet, another Canadian). Sorry, no Atlanta date listed...

You can make an entire CD with all the free downloads you can have, and the music, thank sweet Jesus, does not suck!
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