Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just a Head's Up.

I thought I would be crazy and write a second blog for the day because a co-worker of mine at the "real" job passed along a CD to me of someone he knows about. The real point here is, I'm listening to it right now, and since it doesn't suck, and someone reading this might enjoy a taste of some John Mayer-esque singer/songwriter music, then I'm going to go ahead and recommend Daniel Lee. The dude kind of sounds like John Mayer, except not as raspy, and he integrates more strings (other than the obvious guitar licks) throughout the album. It's kind of a folky-rock, but more on the acoustic rock side than anything else. The vocals are what really stand out here. They fluctuate from high to low and quiver out all over the place. It makes me want to move my head like Quagmire when he does that "Giggity" thing. This is the kind of stuff you'd expect to hear playing while you wait in line at Starbuck's behind the yuppie mom and her kid that she insists on feeding caffeine at an early age. Apparently, the album in my possession, Superfish Illumination, is the debut, but there are three others out there that are more recent than this.

Since I like to research what I'm talking about, I can tell you that Lee has captured the title of being the winner of Eddie's Attic $1000 Shootout in the past, so you know he must have some kind of good thing going on. I can't tell you what he's like live, because I've never seen him, and it appears that the tour part of his site is not updated in listing anything coming up. And now, as I near the end of this and realize there's nowhere to direct you to listen to him, I feel like a tool. Ah, at least I meant well . . .

Update: Someone emailed me to tell me that you can sample the music by clicking on "Music" (duh) and then choosing an album and clicking on it for song samples. Oh, and you do this from Daniel Lee's website. Ok, carry on.
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