Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Judies.

Alright, so sometimes I see things, and I don't really care for them. And then several months later, I see them again, and I do care for them. In this case, it happens to be The Judies. I'll admit I wasn't a fan right off the bat, I have no problem saying I'm wrong despite the fact that I have boobs and ovaries. I just returned from the fabulous EARL, where I will be spending every night this weekend to see some stellar music (Variac with Kill Gordon tomorrow, and Margot & the Nuclear So and So's on Saturday), and I witnessed a transformation of sorts out of the Atlanta newbies. Mkay,'s the deal, the guy that fronts the Judies, Warren, is in every sense of the word a ROCKSTAR. The guy is skinny and shakes his hips all over the stage like a string bean on crack. It's totally sick, in a very good way.

With a recent change in line-up, the Judies are taking the city like a category 5 hurricane with the fury of raw rock that defies the boundaries of normalcy. I'd say that if you happen to pass up the next opportunity you have to see them, then you're doing a great injustice to yourself, because this is something you must see live. We're lucky to have underground artists like this at our disposal. Warren plays the keys on a few songs, and then the rest of the time he works the stage like a hooker on Peachtree; with ease and suaveness even Rico would be jealous of. You should probably just click on the link I gave you up there and listen to or download (or both) what the Judies have to offer.

It appears that they will be playing the new and improved Lenny's on Saturday night, but since I have no info on that, I can't put it here. I'm out of the loop lately.
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