Wednesday, August 09, 2006


At the gym today, I listened to this song called "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" on repeat. The only thing I wanted to do was dance. And, for those who are unaware, I do not dance. In fact, if the Hustle were to ever make a comeback, the Scissor Sisters are to blame simply because of this song. Go to their MySpace site to hear a clip. Seriously.

In other news, mark your calendars for the following massive shows that will be rolling through Atlanta in about 2 weeks:

*Friday, August 18th:

-----> Ladies and gentlemen, a huge CD Release show at the Masquerade. No, really, it's going to be huge, because you have not one, but two, of the most buzzed bands in the city having a joint CD release. Jil Station and Morning State are having a blowout, complete with MCs DJ L from Break Thru Radio and Baker from Second Shift. Get there early and join in all the festivities. Pardon me, as I may be very drunk.

-----> Also having a CD release this night, Variac, who managed to set up a pretty sweet bill with Kill Gordon and The Hiss at the EARL. Hot damn. Let ole J.T. sing his lyrics about bathroom sex and pretty girls that take his money to ya.

*Saturday, August 19th: Alright. I know that back in May I stressed with everything in my soul that you have to see this band called Margot and the Nuclear So and So's. Then, they ended up having to cancel the show due to illness, which totally sucked because it was the one thing all month I was looking forward to. But, guess what? They're playing the EARL tonight with Elf Power. So, go ahead and get your tickets now. Now. And when I say now, I mean yesterday. This band has already been tested and approved by moi, so check that out here if you like.

Are there any questions?
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