Monday, August 07, 2006

Highly A-Muse-ing.

Before I get to the whole Muse review, I'd like to announce that I have joined the ranks of tech-driven folks all over the globe and registered myself a My Space account. So, if you want to check that out, it's here. I'll probably use it to announce updates, feature bands, and all that other obnoxious shit that My Space is used for.

So, last night, since I'm a lucky son of a gun, I got to witness Muse and all of their glory. I stood toward the back on the bottom level of the Tabernacle, and I could see just fine (I wore my tall shoes to ensure this). They had this amazing stage set up with these huge tubes reaching toward the ceiling that were clear and lit up with all kinds of different colors, which really set me off, because I love the hell out of some awesome stage effects. Luckily, unlike in some cases, the lights were not there to offset a slumbering performance from the band. Matthew Bellamy came out like a freaking god of light and sound and wailed on the guitar (which also had a nifty light on it) while hopping around and singing dead on. Most of the material covered was off the new album, Black Holes and Revelations, and off the last album, Absolution.

I found the whole night to be truly moving. The way the crowd ate every last lyric and note emitted from the stage, the energy surging throughout the Tabernacle . . . it was all enough to confirm that this band puts their money where their mouths are. For a three piece band to put on that kind of show (hidden equipment and men behind the curtain aside) is simply phenomenal. Bellamy, despite the fact that he appears to be about twelve years old, really worked it. And I especially loved the neon lights on the white piano he hopped to and from all night. Classic. It was like I was watching a performance in Rock Heaven . . . all that white and light . . . the pristine and angelic vocals . . . yes!

I tried to take a picture. Overall, I give the guys my stamp of approval. I was impressed. I left feeling high on the performance and everything else about the night. A little piece of happiness not so easily found engulfed me, so I'd say that's a success.

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