Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Break on Thru to the Other Side.

I usually listen to the iPod at work, but sometimes I forget it, and when that happens, I like to listen to Internet radio. I just wanted to alert your attention to Break Thru Radio. I've had the pleasure of being acquainted with DJ L the past couple of weeks, and since she's pretty much the epitome of awesome, I thought I'd pass along the info on her show.

She spins on the site on Thursdays, and the show is called "Out There." Once you go to the site, it automatically plays for you, and you can cruise around the rest of the content without interrupting the show. This week, she's playing two local bands, Morning State and The Whigs, which is very cool since the site is steamed all over the world. Obviously the girl has some taste, because the Whigs just got signed to Dave Matthews' label, ATO, so they probably don't suck. Today is Wednesday, so plan ahead in order to catch her tomorrow.

And tonight, if you have an itch to see a real competition, head over to Smith's Olde Bar around 9:00-10:00 for Round 2 of Open Mic Madness. Tonight's the night I'm judging. I went on Monday to check out some of the acts, and I will say that it'll be tight this year based on who I've heard has passed through to the next round. See you there...
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