Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August and Everything After.

Goodness gracious, there are about a million shows coming up in the next couple of weeks, so I'm practicing how to live without sleeping.

*Friday, August 4th: I seriously think I might combust from trying to be in too many places at once.

--10 High: Overwhelmed is having their CD release show with Homeroom and Calling All Stars.

-->The Loft: A band I've been meaning to check out, The Drownout, is playing with Rantings of Eva. Do I really have to repeat myself about Rantings? No? Okay. Just making sure everyone's keeping up.

-->Drunken Unicorn: The bassist for League of Evil just turned 30, so I'm pretty sure this show with his band, and another favorite of mine, The Five Foot Flame, will be highly entertaining. If you missed League of Evil play the Purple Rain album at Corndogorama this year, then I truly feel sorry for you.

*Saturday, August 5th: Rock gods-in-training The Judies will be at Smith's Olde Bar with Bishop Don. Warren brings the moves, you bring the warm bodies.

*Sunday, August 6th: Drumroll,please . . . the moment anyone who loves powerful tunes has been waiting for (if they were lucky enough to get tickets). . . MUSE at the Tabernacle. Sweet pickle, I cannot effing wait.

*Wednesday, August 9th: Duncan Sheik (remember that song "Barely Breathing"?) and Vienna Teng are going to be at the Variety Playhouse. Show is at 8:15, and I think I might go check this out. I'll probably need some chill music to get my composure back.

*Saturday, August 12th: Garlington, an alt-rock band from north Georgia, is playing this new venue in town called the 585. I've been to the 585, and it's pretty bad ass. Kind of reminds me of an underground club circuit place that only cool people know about. Hey, now you're cool, because I just told you about it. It's located over by Georgia Tech in West Midtown at 585 North Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30318 (in case you want to Google Map that shit).

Okay, kiddies, blogging is exhausting and I'm beat. I better see some of your asses at these shows. If you want any extra information (about the bands, venues, show times, parking, my shoe size, etc.), then email me:

Cheers, bitches.
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