Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Welcome . . . Zero Chance.

There is a new band in town, and they are just the good time that followers of mainstream are looking for. The name is Zero Chance, and the album is Better Days for Broken Hearts. The record is ten tracks of poppy goodness that I might recommend to listeners of Bain Mattox or The Fray, just because the vocals are slightly high and full of catchy ranges that make me want to sing along, except I don't exactly know the words yet, but I will after another listen through. This especially applies to the song "Burn My Radio," which I caught myself bobbing my head to, the sure test of whether it's breaking past the surface or not. Zero Chance passes that one.

Lead singer, Erick Bellitto, has a distinctive voice, but that doesn't mean it doesn't remind me of one of my favorite bands . . . Mae. That almost girlish sounding voice is almost like Dave Elkins' except that Bellitto approaches his songs in a less rock kind of way in a certain respect. Zero Chance is riding the wave of chicks everywhere looking for that specific song that hits them where they've been broken, and with that, I think they can really find a place here, especially since this sort of sound seems to be on the rise.

Definitely good at what they're doing, I recommend giving a listen. They have a MySpace! Who the hell doesn't have a MySpace these days? Check it out, and enjoy.
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