Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ten Count Fall Stands Tall.

Last night I went to the Masquerade to check out a little powerpop band from Ohio called Ten Count Fall. I have decided the Masquerade is a big shithole (I know that it's not the cleanest place, but usually pretty suitable for watching a show) because when I walked in, the place was sweltering to a point where I was questioning whether I was hitting menopause way too early in life due to the fact that although it was 90+ degrees outside, there was NO AIR CONDITIONING! I'm really glad I wasn't onstage trying to play in that heat, because from the ground, it was hot as balls. I know the show was in the Hell area, but I mean, come on, I don't want to feel like I'm actually in Hell.

Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised with the show itself. These kids are young (just graduated from high school), and they somehow have the performing thing down, and the songs are pretty amazing, too. The sound is a mix between punk, pop, and rock, and it's done beautifully by the four young men. They have a bit of that Panic! At The Disco feel to them minus the burlesque keys, making for a much more powerful sound. I don't think I've ever seen guitar players get so enthusiatic while playing, but the two I saw last night were definitely that, jumping up and down and getting crazy with each other. To cool down some, they even resorted to spitting water on each other, which prompted a few guys from the crowd from a local band (...cough...cough...Jil Station...cough...cough...) to follow the lead and initiate a little water fight. One of the guys even hopped onstage for the last song, stripped his shirt, and did his best imitation of a psychotic Warped Tour participant.

It was great. I was laughing at the jokes Ten Count Fall told between songs and at the overall fun atmosphere they created. Their songs are enough to get you moving, and their energy is enough to keep your attention. From what I understand, they are planning to hit Atlanta about every six weeks, so when they do, I'll be sure to point it out so you can go experience it for yourself. You can go to their MySpace site to listen to the songs, and there's one, "Waking Up," available for download. If you like it, buy their self-titled CD or a t-shirt or something. These kids probably need the money to fuel their van across the country.
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