Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Release Tuesday.

After the big Muse and Thom Yorke releases last week, I'm not sure how much more awesomeness my ears can handle. But this week is another week, with more releases. There are two that have me whistling "Dixie."

First up, from Charleston, SC, The Working Title drops their debut album, About Face. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys open for Mute Math a couple months ago, and as rare as it is for me to instantly like what I hear, that actually happened. If you feel like being lazy, you can get the album on iTunes. I like to sample before I buy, so here's a link to their MySpace in case you want to listen to them. If you do happen to be out and about in the record stores, look for this:

Secondly, Atlanta's very own Jil Station released their debut full-length, Still Love today. AOL seems to be picking up on this lovely collection of songs, because they are streaming the album here if you want to take a listen to the whole thing. Scroll through the CDs at the top of the screen to find Jil's. Also available on iTunes, and in pretty much all retail and independent record stores. Look for this:

And in live show news, I'm taking it easy this week and only attending two. I know, this is such a shock.

Tomorrow night, Atlanta's nationally known celebrity producer and rocker, Butch Walker, is playing a sold out show at Variety Playhouse. I haven't exactly heard the new stuff yet, but if it's anything like Letters, then I'll probably be addicted. What can I say? I like sappy, angry songs coming from men covered in tattoos.

And Thursday night, over at Smith's Olde Bar, the musical stylings of Rantings of Eva and Tim Brantley. I think someone might shoot me if I reveal my love for Rantings of Eva's chill rock range again. Oops, looks like I just did. I'm not really sure about Tim Brantley, but I'll give anything a first chance. I'll let you know how that works out . . .
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