Monday, June 26, 2006

You Want An Update? Here.

Okay, okay. I'm so terribly sorry. I completely suck. Since I got back from New York, I've been in a cloud of delusion in thinking that I may be able to miraculously get a job so I could actually move there like I've been wanting to for the past five years. If anyone wants to help me out with that, e-mail me. We'll talk. I'm open for something in Atlanta, too.

In the meantime, I'm going to highlight a band I don't think I've really tapped into yet on this blog. Today, I've landed on Trances Arc because they are headlining the 10 High on July 7th, and that's probably the next show I'll be attending in the coming weeks.

With a recent change in the line up with addition of Danny Silvestri on the bass (formerly of Atlanta rock/hip-hop band Heavy Mojo), Trances Arc is coming on full force with new material on the Buona Fortuna EP that packs a much harder punch than their already established Save The World EP, which is now available on iTunes for only $4.95. I picked up Save The World at Smith's Olde Bar one night around a year ago, and I was hooked on the first single, "Champagne." This song is very catchy and easily has radio potential with lingering vocals and clean beats. It's always a crowd favorite at shows. I seriously have never heard anyone say anthing other than, "I love this!" after initial listen. If you go to their website, you can sample my other favorite, "Eggshells," which has more of a rock-inclined guitar to go with Eric Toledo's quivery vocal range. The lyrics are kind of angry and really hit me in the gut, except that the music that's coupled with the words is much more soothing than the message I gather.

I highly suggest getting out to the next show that I mentioned above. You have an established 99X friendly band available to you at your mere fingertips for a tiny $7. This band will surprise you, because you'll listen to the songs and expect a mellow performance, so you're not going to be prepared to witness Ledo jumping all over the stage pulling you in until you can't deny that you're in love with Trances Arc. If they managed to get me, then they'll get you, too. Let them. I promise it doesn't hurt.
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