Friday, June 09, 2006

Help Some Brothas Out.

If any of you have happened to be subjected to the greatness that is the Athens-based band Boulevard, then you will be happy to help them out in getting to CMJ this year. For those not in the know, CMJ is a huge showcase festival type thing held in NY every year, and it's a super way for unsigned bands to gain some kind of exposure. Boulevard deserves to be there, because they're a very refreshing act in a sea of utter crap.

So, go to this site and then click on "Vote For Bands" and give them your birthday and e-mail. (FYI - They don't spam you...I used this site to vote them into the first round, and that was months ago, and still, no spam). It literally takes all of one minute to do this. And you can do it every day until August 20th! I bookmarked it so I'm sure to check it daily. So, yeah, go do that now.
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