Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bands On Demand.

I would've discovered this much sooner if I weren't too cheap to have digital cable. But, since I am, hanging out at my parents' house is the first taste I've had of this really great outlet for learning about local Atlanta bands. Anyone that has digital cable with Comcast can access this super exposure of local bands by going to the On Demand feature, picking "Get Local," and then clicking your remote on "Bands on Demand." It's hosted by Jay Harren of 99X's Sunday School, and spotlights some of the more pronounced acts in the area.

Right now, you can check out mini interviews and footage of Bain Mattox, Morning State, Alan Yates Band, Second Shift, The Swear, and Y-O-U. I'll tell you one thing I've learned from watching a couple of the interviews is that artists prefer playing Smith's Olde Bar more than any venue around Atlanta, and as a listener, I'd have to agree that going to a show there is my favorite.

This little feature really gives you insight on the personalities of the artists, and having met some of them, it amused me and made me smile to see them showcase themselves off the stage and outside of the music scene as a whole. Check it out when you're cruising On Demand.
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