Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yeah, I'm Old. And Guilty.

I hate so much what I'm about to type, however, it's not something I can overlook, so here goes...

Teddy Geiger is amazing. Yes, some of the lyrics about setting the mood in a mall, among others, are quite juvenile, but the kid is something like 17 years old, so that's to be expected. I just got home from attending his show at the Loft, and I have to give him props. For one, it was extremely easy to get a beer because the majority of the audience was well under 21. In addition, he has really got a voice on him that he can back up in a live setting. Seriously, I only heard what's streamed on his site before going to this show, and it sounded almost exactly the same live. Here's to hoping his voice doesn't dramatically change once he hits puberty.

I could hear everything he was singing so clearly that I was brought to tears halfway through the set because he was somehow nailing every emotion I've had lately, and hearing that, coupled with the beer, was a little much for me. No, he doesn't jump around stage or make a ton of witty comments. He just gets in front of his audience and plays the keys, sometimes switching to guitar, and grabs your heart and carefully handles it with his voice and personal lyrics. I'm tempted to get the entire album after having "Love Is A Marathon" pointed out to me, and so I can listen to "For You I Will" on repeat. Appropriately enough, the album is entitled Underage Thinking, and in all honesty, it's some really good stuff. Ah, yet another guilty pleasure to add to the list.
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