Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sounds Good To Me.

Besides having incredibly sexy CD cover art (two very hot chicks, one wearing a practically see-through wifebeater), The Sounds have a super hot vibe as well. They released their upbeat album, Dying to Say this To You, on March 21st, and from what I've sampled, the presence is made known at first listen.

My first little taste of them is the single "Song With a Mission." I think the mission is well accomplished if they're trying to mix Bloc Party's "Banquet" and John Cougar Mellencamp's "Hurt So Good" underneath a sassy female vocalist, because that is exactly what it sounds like. Just think of how nasty peanut butter and banana sounded until you tried it, and that's what you have here. It's delightfully and surprisingly tasty. I listen to that song and "Queen of Apology," and I want to grab my iPod and play like the commercial where I'm kicking my feet up in pure 80's style with my hands in the air, shaking my head back and forth to the beat.

You've got a tad bit of everything in these songs from this hard-hitting Swedish band. Strong vocal presence from Maja Ivarsson, synthesizers, and rock guitars create pure beauty that have convinced me that whoever doesn't dig this possesses a bare soul.

I know that they just hit Atlanta not too long ago, so you'll have to wait to check them live, but for now, I suggest you hop on this album...pronto!
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