Friday, May 12, 2006

Recommendations, Edition I

I haven't been to many shows lately because nothing has tickled my fancy, and I haven't listened to any albums for pleasure because I've been reviewing them all for Stomp & Stammer and Southeast Performer, so I apologize for being a lame ass in that department.

Instead, I'll list some upcoming show recommendations I hope to make in the coming weeks, and that you may want to pencil in on your music calendar.

-May 18 - I'll very regretfully be missing this show because I'm taking my sister out for overpriced birthday martinis. Pinback is playing at the Roxy. I have their latest release, Summer in Abaddon, and I am in love with it. Seriously, this album kicks so much ass, Mike Tyson would be jealous. I listen to it at work a lot because it's got this calming effect about it that makes it hard to harbor hate towards anything while listening. Every track is a strong one, and I can't really pick a favorite, although I'm partial to Non Photo-Blue, Sender, Syracuse, Fortress and AFK. If you don't know Pinback, introduce yourself. You will be pleased as punch.

-May 19 - Imogen Heap brings her Ani DiFranco-esque tunes to the Variety Playhouse tonight. Her latest album, Speak For Yourself, is one of my new favorites. When I needed chick music in high school, I turned to Sarah McLachlan, and today, I turn to Imogen Heap. You may have heard her acapello-ish hit Hide and Seek, but there are a ton of others on the album that are worthy of many listens, as well. Goodnight and Go is the perfect tune to feed your stalker mood, and Headlock will put you in the mood to dance.

-May 20 - I already mentioned this one in a previous post, so here's a reminder...Army of Me is opening for the Whigs at the EARL. Be there. Be there. Be there early. You have been warned.

-May 25 - Boulevard is going to be headlining The EARL with support from The Libras and Morningstate. I've seen all three bands, and though I'm not particularly fond of The Libras, which sports former members of Avenge Vegas, there are plenty of people who are. Morningstate is gaining momentum on the local circuit as well.

-May 25 - Unless you're a sixteen year old girl, or an avid collector of guilty pleasures like myself, then you probably won't care about this, but it is certainly worth mentioning. Atlanta's own Cartel is going to be at the Masquerade. I love this band. Their first full-length album, Chroma, is one of those CDs that keeps finding itself back in my player. I got my hands on an advanced copy some time ago, and I listened to it non-stop for about a month. I caught them in the fall at the Masquerade, and even though I was one of the oldest people in the room, it was a great performance, complete with screaming girls. It's like they've reached some kind of mini Beatles phenomena status.

-May 30 - Another show I've already mentioned...and another reminder. I cannot stress enough how imperative it is that you be at the EARL tonight to see Margot and The Nuclear So and So's. You owe it to yourself if you're a true music fan. Death is the only thing that will keep me from this show.

-June 3 - I'm starting my month off at the Masquerade to see Jil Station and a band out of California called The Ruse. Jil Station just keeps getting better every time I see them, which I love. It's fun to watch a band grow, and while they're on the verge of releasing their first full-length album due out in July, there is much growing to witness. This is a Saturday, and it's one right at payday, so you will probably best catch me at the bar. Cheers.
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