Tuesday, April 25, 2006


When I let it be known that you could send me your music and I would write what I thought about it, I got a few in the mail. Thank you to the bands who have sent music to me so far. I'm sorry if it's taken a while, but even with not sleeping, I barely have time to get everything done. So, here are my thoughts on the first CD. If you want to send me something, email me at addict79@gmail.com. Thanks!

If there were any CD I could have with me on a road trip (my definition of "road trip" is many hours in the car with my family, which is completely undesirable), it would be Winter. It's amazing how much lead vocalist Harrison Hudson sounds like a younger Johnny Cash on top of the twangy guitars. This is like a down-home album. It's the stuff that pick-up trucks and nights at the local barn social are made of. Of course, on the road trip from hell, it's the one thing that keeps your sanity while you look out the car window and wish you could jump out to pet the cows grazing in the passing fields. Don't get me wrong with those descriptions in thinking this is a pure country album, because it's not. There's a definite aura of rock music underlying, which would have me classifying this as an alt-country album in every sense. It fooled me a little, because seeing HH live a few times, it's much more rock than what I heard on this CD, and aside from that, I still liked it.
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