Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Two Shows You Must See.

I normally try to focus on bands from Atlanta, but I have to point out two shows that will take place in May that you should make sure are on your mandatory things to do list. These are both touring bands, so it's nice to have a crowd in a city other than your own. Atlanta is known for its Southern Hospitality, so if you can manage, come out and show them there's some truth to that.

May 20th: This is a Saturday night. Head up to The EARL early enough to catch the opening band, Army of Me, who comes from Washington, DC and has just recently signed with Atlantic. I've been listening to them for about the past six months and they really are super. I haven't seen them live, yet, so I'm excited about this show. They'll be opening for the Whigs that night, so, like I said before, go early! Bring $8 so you can get in the door. Also, bring your ID because you have to be 21.

May 30th: And the moment I thought I would have to wait longer for is here! Yeah, I know, it's a Tuesday, but it's the Tuesday after a holiday, so you'll probably need some stellar music to get you through the week. Margot and the Nuclear So and So's will be at the EARL opening for Film School. Honestly, if gas didn't cost an arm and a leg right now, I'd personally go pick up every single person I know and bring them to see Margot. If you'd like a little preview, refer to my past post about them, or listen on MySpace. Literally a life-changing experience, and I cannot wait to see this again. You're going to thank me profusely later for letting you in on one music's not-so-best kept secrets at the moment. Read Jamie's thoughts on the album here. $8 cover, doors at 9 p.m.
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