Thursday, April 13, 2006

Second Shift.

I'm sitting at home tonight, but the main plan was to go see Sovus Radio at the Drunken Unicorn. Instead, I'm checking out the tunes from the band headlining over there tonight that I will eventually end up seeing (finally) next Friday at Smith's Olde Bar with Bain Mattox. That band is Second Shift. Amazing how I haven't made it to see them out anywhere yet, considering the fact that I see their guitarist, Wes Hoffman, literally everywhere I go.

After listening to "Who Are You Foolin'," I'm digging it. This song is has a little bit of an 80's pop feel to it that reminds me of that song "Mercedes Boy" by Pebbles in the way that it is sung, which is certainly not a bad thing since it announces that this is one of those catchy tunes that could be a hit for the band. I especially liked the next song "Bethany" off their Boozed and Bruised EP as well with it's slightly sassy lyrics and velvety rock vocals. The guitars in this song could be slapped onto an 80's hair band compilation and fit right in, but coupled with Johnathan Baker's voice and updated drums, it fits perfectly into the alternative genre.

It looks like Second Shift is playing with The Films in SC tomorrow night, and I'm morbidly jealous that I can't be there, because I really love The Films, and I have a pretty good feeling I'll feel the same about Second Shift's live show, which I have only heard wonderful praises about. This music definitely gets my approval, whether it be one of those infamous guilty pleasures of mine or not. Like I said before, April 21st @ Smith's with Bain Mattox. I will be there.
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