Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Limbeck. Rachael Cantu. Pasadena

Limbeck. They're funny.

I absolutely despise country music, unless we're talking about George Strait in his Pure Country days, however, I found a happy medium with the alternative country genre of music when I discovered (or, was fed) the Old 97's. Now, there are quite a few alt-country inspired bands, and last night I saw a couple play a wonderfully laid-back set to a decent-sized crowd for a Monday night at Vinyl.

Pasadena started things off with a sound that bordered on classic country twang and modern rock. Mostly, they look like a rock band, until they start playing. Even with a substitute guitarist (their regular guy was apparently on Spring Break in Italy...tough life), the band seemed very tight with their sound, and they obviously like each other. They ended their set with a cover of Tom Petty's "You Wreck Me," which makes me think they'd have no problem actually making money off of just covering Tom Petty's songs...that's how right on it was. This should give you an indication of how solid the music is. They're from Atlanta, so you can catch them in action April 22nd at 10 High if you're interested. There's a pretty good chance I'll be there.

Before getting to the legend that apparently is Limbeck, I watched a plugged-in singer-songwriter named Rachael Cantu perform a short set of beautifully written songs. Her voice is very soothing and calm, and I loved some of the guitar strums she had to accompany her vocals. Limbeck is smart for taking her out on tour with them, because she really added to a couple of their songs with her back-up vocals, which I was informed are also on Limbeck's album. They played a long set, and I had a great time tapping my toe on the wood floor of Vinyl and drinking my beer. There were a couple of times I wanted to take my partner and do-si-doe, but I actually enjoyed it. The music pretty much encompasses what 'feel good' is supposed to be, and it certainly works for them. I mean, how the hell do you get through a Monday night with a smile on your face? You go watch Limbeck at Vinyl. They're from California, but I guarantee you that they'll find their way to Atlanta on any tour. Why? Because apparently we have a 24 hour Chinese Buddha in Midtown that Limbeck is a huge fan of and looks forward to whenever they're here. If you didn't catch them this time, I'd look out for the next time they swing by.
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