Monday, April 24, 2006

It Has To Be Said.

Saturday night had me at the Loft to catch The Futurists opening up for The Rewinds. I got there a little early and managed to catch the last few songs of a band called The Californias. I wasn't in the best mood to begin with, but this display of pop rock was greatly entertaining. Even though I got the feeling I was at a prom or a wedding reception from the cheeky performance and prompting by the band for the audience to get up and dance, there were a few extras The Californias threw in to make it fun. For instance, there were yellow and white balloons attached to all the instruments on stage, and for the grand finale, bubble machines were blowing out bubbles into the crowd.

The music isn't really my thing, but I have to respect them for being awesome performers and remaining completely enthused despite the somewhat sparse crowd. I checked them out on MySpace, and noticed that Jellyfish (whom I happen love) is in their top 8, which I can also respect because it's more evident of where they're going with their music. This is kind of something you have to see if you haven't done so yet. I don't see any upcoming dates on their calendar, so keep your ear out.
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