Saturday, April 22, 2006

Big Things Come In Small Packages.

When I say small packages, I mean that the guys I saw playing onstage at Smith's last night are so damn skinny. They seriously are the poster children of 'starving musicians.'

Opening up was Second Shift. Wow. Um, yeah, you need to see these guys live. They're incredible. Jonathan Baker, the lead singer, has this super marvelous stage presence that I've really only seen in one or two other bands in Atlanta. I could not take my eyes off him because he was all over the stage, twisting and turning to each beat hit, and each string shred. Watching him is like having a very animated one-sided conversation where he sucks all the energy out of you and exudes it through himself. Simply amazing. The music is fast-paced, and if you're not in a party mood before seeing Second Shift, or listening to them, you're guaranteed to be once they've smacked you in the face with this showing of nasty sick rock music. Prepare to see panties fly at this band in the future, because it will happen.

Headlining was Bain Mattox. I've caught Bain once before when opening for Better Than Ezra, and I really enjoyed it then, and this time was even better. They just released Prizefighter not too long ago, so most of the songs came from there, but they did play some older stuff that I knew from checking them out about a year ago. The vocals never strayed from being right on, and I love it when I see a lead singer manage to put on such a powerful performance while actually playing an instrument. Although they are little bit poppy compared to what I normally listen to, I have discovered that I love this band. The songwriting is pretty brilliant, and the music is just so catchy that you can't really ignore it. I think the song that got me initially hooked is "Thorn," and if you want to listen to it, they have a sweet little mp3 player on their website. You can tell they have fun with what they're doing onstage, as well. Last night they called up Hoffman and Baker from Second Shift to do a cover of "American Girl" by Tom Petty, which had Bain down in the crowd with his guitar. A very nice touch, if I do say so. They're about to embark on a little tour with Edwin McCain, but next time they're in Atlanta, I'll be there.
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