Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Beggar's Guild.

Tuesday night, I went and saw The Beggar's Guild at the Drunken Unicorn. It was an early show, but there was a good amount of people considering the time and date. Listening to their stuff online peaked my interest because it's a different sound than most bands you would catch at the Unicorn. T.J. Edmond is the lead guy here, and I have to say that his look fits well for the music he is making. He can hold an audience with the story-like lyrics he sings to the self-described rock/folk/pop tunes. There is a definite alt-country feel in some of the songs (especially the ones on their website), but the great thing about this band is that they are also able to incorporate a heavier rock into their set. It's not a high energy type of music or show, but I'd be perfectly happy sitting at one of those cute little tables at someplace like Smith's Olde Bar or, on a much grander lever, in a setting like Chastain just listening to this. Edmond manages to transfer his passion for music to the crowd, and it's highly endearing. In fact, I may just catch them at Smith's, for they're playing there on May 1st.
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