Saturday, March 18, 2006

SXSW In Your Living Room, Part II.

After a lapse in being able to find time to sit down and give a listen to the bands being showcased at the SXSW conference this weekend, I'm back to share more up and coming talent that jumps out at me.

**Straylight Run - You may have already heard of this four piece, as they have a song out there that I've seen pop up in more than one place called "Existentialism on Prom Night." On the SXSW site, they have posted "Hands in the Sky" for download, which is an interesting track that starts off with calm and mellow music that leads into soothing vocals only to break into a chorus that is repeated over and over in a fashion that is almost like yelling over a constant clapping noise in the background to keep the beat. It's angry, and I like it.

**Sybris - This band out of Chicago is led up vocally by a chick with a raspy, yet still smooth voice that fluctuates between a whisper and actual singing, which in this case on "Best Day In History In Ever" is more of a spoken song. It's coupled with quick guitar licks and rapid drum beats to make an interesting, and completely obscure sound.

**Band Marino - This band caught my eye because of their name. Obviously, they are from Florida. You can download "Someday We Die" off the SXSW site. I like this song because it relies very heavily on strings and banjo picking to compliment the eerie vocals. It has a bit of a folk feel to it, but is definitely something I could listen to when winding down, or dancing (no, not booty dancing, but real ballroom dancing). The usage of the violin with edgy guitar is beautiful.

**Dressy Bessy - This band has a tune to download that quite honestly is highly cheeky, but I am loving it. It's called "Electrified," and the singer's voice is just so damn catchy that I think I'll probably be playing this song over a few times. Something is wrong with you if you don't get the sudden urge to jump up and dance around in your undergarments when you listen to this one.

**The Cinematics - From the UK, The Cinematics have a sound that merges a mainstream feel with your typical Brit rock that makes for a really lovely and unique sound. "Chase" reminds me of Coldplay and a very watered down Modest Mouse combined with U2.

**Piers Faccini - I'm throwing in one singer-songwriter for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing. I liked this song, "Picture of You," that Piers Faccini from France has available. He kind of reminds me of Jack Johnson and a little of the really old school Dave Matthews tunes, like from Remember Two Things. It's relaxing and endearing music that's good for a picnic or something.

Hopefully you can dig on at least one of these. I downloaded a couple of them.
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