Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Only One Reason To Run.

I have just returned from the Snow Patrol show that was held at the The Loft tonight. You know, the one that was sold out? Yeah, that's the one. I seem to be on a roll here lately with my recent show buddy.

Anyways, we got there as Snow Patrol had begun about the second song of the night. The place was packed, and although the Loft can definitely boast one the most pristine sound systems in all of Atlanta, it's not ideal for viewing if you happen to be stuck behind one of the rather large posts that hold the building up. After moving around a bit, we finally settled on a place with a clear view of the stage, and after standing there for two songs, I noticed the most inane situation in front of me. The guy that I almost went redneck white trash on at the She Wants Revenge show at the The EARL is standing directly in front of me! The very same guy! The one with his eighties style pseudo-mullet and unsoiled Chucks who found it more than appropriate to violate one of the limbs attached to my lower body. Sure enough, he was at this show, and I don't know who I pissed off to end up right behind him again, but I must have done something horrible and now karma is biting me in the ass for it. I wanted so desperately to get a picture of the perpetrator, unfortunately, the only evidence I have is from my piece of poop cell phone camera. He talked the whole time to his friend, and in doing so managed to infringe on my show buddy's personal bubble, while only paying attention to the more popular songs so that he could shake his big ass two inches from my crotchal region. Way to go, buddy, you've managed to piss me off twice in the span of four weeks. Assbag.

This is the buttface. I know it's a crappy picture. Believe me, if I run into him again, I will be ready with a flash.

Enough of the rant, how about the actual show itself? Anytime I hear Snow Patrol, I think of mellow, yet upbeat tunes that are good to pop in when I'm getting ready to retire to bed. This show had me rethinking that, so it accomplished that, if nothing else. The lights that went with the changing of songs were right on target and worked well to set the mood and heighten the anticipation of the next chord played. Frontman Gary Lightbody was quite amusing with his European accent and light humor he shared with the crowd in between songs. He appears to be one of those people who can make anyone comfortable in his presence with his quick wit and ability to convey a laissez-faire attitude when things go awry. This is fortunate for him since during the performance of Snow Patrol's biggest hit yet, "Run," Paul Wilson's bass amp blew halfway through the song, and Lightbody had to improvise while the situation was remedied. He did this by doing an acoustic cover of Bright Eyes' "You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will." keeping the attention of the unusually chatty crowd the entire three minutes.

The band showcased a couple of new songs, which have me curious about what the new album, "Eyes Open," which will hit stores May 9th, will have in store for fans, and I mean that in a completely positive manner. There are definite hints of a broad range of well-known artists, such as U2 and Nine Inch Nails (thanks to Kyle for nailing those) that are audible in the new material, making for a future of at least two or three strong singles. I highly suggest you catch them when they roll back through town. Lightbody has a good bit of hair to sling for you as he jumps up and down for you while not playing the guitar. I know that sounds surprising out of a band with such a relaxed tone, but trust me, I just saw it with my own eyes, you will not be disppointed, and you'll be a better fan for it.
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