Saturday, March 18, 2006

Local Mixtape: The Pop Edition.

Lately I have been hearing more and more songs by local bands that I am completely hooked on and constantly spin on iTunes. All of these bands play out in Atlanta quite often, and I highly recommend you check them out any chance you get. Here is a list I've compiled of songs that have that 'single' potential and are "mainstream radio-friendly." Some of them can be downloaded for free from the artists or on MySpace, and the others can be obtained through the band's EP.

-Bain Mattox - Another band creating a lot of buzz, playing larger sized venues, and selling out smaller ones with their mainstream poppy sound is Bain Mattox. Their full length album Prizefighter's title track is another one I can listen to on repeat because it's got this lyric that's kind of sassy and fun to sing along to that goes "shut up, sit down, I think it's getting kind of loud in here." Next show: April 1st @ the Roxy

-Boulevard - With their six song EP, Vice and Daring, Boulevard has nailed the feel-good single of the moment with "Marie." I hear this song and I think of sunny days and long car rides that result in good times with friends. It can immediately remove me from any kind of funk I happen to be in with it's positive and upbeat melodies that come from a mixture of guitars, keys, and cymbals. I really enjoy the clapping that can be heard in the background in some parts of the song. Benji Barton's deep voice doesn't dampen the mood on this track whatsoever. Next show: April 1st @ Vinyl.

-The Futurists - "Candlelight" is the newest download available from this band comprised of four college students. The first time I heard this song, I wasn't nearly as fond of it as I am now, which is usually the case with me and new music. I need a couple of listens, and then all the sudden, I'm hooked. This song is just brilliant. It manages to intertwine a deep blues-y sound without turning away from the rock vibe the band displays in other tracks. The lyrics are somber and have a strong emotional presence that makes my heart sad, which means it has managed to accomplish the very thing that music is supposed to, and that is to move us. Expect very large things to come out of this band. If this is any indication of what's to come, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Next show: March 23rd @ The Loft opening for Mute Math.

-Harrison Hudson - "No Matter" is the newest download posted from Harrison Hudson, and this song is just great. Harrison utilizes vocals that flow very smoothly into each other, and the chorus is one you can sing along to. There is a slightly "classic rock" feel to it with the moderately twangy tone in the vocals and gutsy guitar riffs.

-Jil Station - Another band that takes a retro idea and makes it more modern and affable to today's listeners with their single, "Vanguard" from their Moderation EP, which will also be featured on their debut full length album Still Love in the near future. With baritone vocals and a focus on keys, this song succeeds in sounding like a moody rock anthem that has a dark flavor you can grasp onto and revel in. I often listen to this as I walk around town, and I'm sure it places a certain expression on my face that makes me seem like I know something you don't know, and I like it. Next show: March 31st @ 10 High

-Kill Gordon - "Pop Song White Lady" has a very retro/psychedelic undertone to it that reminds me of some of the songs my parents had on vinyl from various bands like the Beatles and the Stones. Kyle Gordon's voice is grainy and rough like a true rocker's should be. This is raw and will make listeners of classics from the aforementioned bands happy to listen to Kyle sing about how "you're alright, for a white girl."

-Last November - "Sniper" is one of the singles that Last November is pushing from their debut album, All The Gory Details. I think I really like this song because it starts the beat off with the use of keys, and because lead singer Luke Pilgrim's voice is so velvety and tranquil against the instruments. The music has the same affect as when you get gum stuck in your hair, it's hard to remove from your head. Next show: March 25th @ The Roxy.

-The Modern Society - If you like poppy rock, then you would love this radio-friendly song called "Tokyo" that The Modern Society has on their album Friends & Enemies. I actually really like this song because it's one of those that you hear that sticks in your head, and you'll be walking around humming it to yourself, saying, "Where are you now?" I've seen them live a couple times, and their following of fans know this song so well that they can literally finish it for the band. Next show: March 25th @ the Roxy.
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