Friday, March 24, 2006

Eisley.Mute Math.The Working Title.

Last night I managed to see four bands. The Futurists opened up the Loft for the Working Title and Mute Math. I think that was probably the best I have ever seen/heard them, and the crowd was a very good size for an early opener. If you still have not seen the Futurists, shame on you! You need to fix that, trust me on this one.

I also really enjoyed The Working Title from Charleston, SC. I have not seen them or heard any of their stuff before, but I was immensely impressed, as was everyone I ran into while mingling around. They have a good sound that borders on an emo and alternative rock and it really works for them. I want to compare them to the likes of Our Lady Peace or Seven Mary Three, but with much cleaner vocals. Hey, I have a great idea! 99X should add their single "Crash" to the playlist! You want to hear it? Then click on the link I've left, or check out their Pure Volume site, which has four streamable samples you can listen to. Or, click here.

Mute Math followed, and I caught the first couple of songs, which were really super and catchy. I managed to fit quite a few head nods in there. The set started off hitting hard and fast to gain the crowd's attention, which it superbly did. Mute Math is one of those bands everyone seems to know about, except that I had never heard of them. The music is good. I don't see it as something I'd sing along to, but I could certainly listen to it while looking for a soundtrack to cleaning up the apartment on a Saturday afternoon. Their song "Chaos" reminds me of a mix of the Police and 30 Seconds to Mars. I know, it's an interesting combination, but hey, that's what I hear.

And, to end the night...Eisley. Yeah, here's the thing, if you don't know this band, have never heard them, or heard of them, change it! Quickly! I'm not even sure if I have words for what this music does to me, but I'm going to try. This is by far the best band I have come across in a very long time. I listen to them and the singing makes my blood turn warm while my skin immediately begins to break out in chill bumps. "I Wasn't Prepared" and "Telescope Eyes" both throw me into a somber and sullen mood that is so great and powerful that my eyes well up. You could think of this as a bad thing, but it isn't. It is moving and an incredible high reached through music alone, and for a band to have the ability to break through a hardened shell like mine and reach the core of my soul is an example of a near miracle. Seeing them live (though I couldn't see much from where I was standing) only made my thoughts of them sweeter, simply because the stellar sound at Vinyl had them sounding just as good as they do through my speakers.
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