Monday, February 06, 2006

Oh, No. I Got A Life.

I have not updated this blog recently simply because I have actually been busy. I have taken on a part time job running a new local website called Atlanta Mojo. This site is basically a way to promote any happenings in Atlanta. Bars, venues, events, etc. can be posted there for free. It's the perfect tool for concert-goers and musicians alike for this reason. Much like MySpace, TagWorld, or Pure Volume, this site can house mp3, news, 'groupies,' and show listings, except for that you can reach far more people on a local level. I know of at least two of my favorite local bands that have profiles in the "Live" section of the site.

It is free to join and to use, so check it out. Meanwhile, with it being a new concept, I am going to be hammering away at that until there is some stability while trying to maintain this lovely blog. I will, however, be posting a write up of the Rantings of Eva show at Vinyl next week, in addition to the show at the Masquerade (The Academy Is...). So, until then, I will be finding a local band online to highlight here after I find two seconds to breathe.
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