Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I Want Revenge.

Electric Six.She Wants Revenge.Rock Kills Kid

Probably the one thing in the world of live music that makes me happier than anything else is when I go to a show with intentions of seeing an established band that I already know about, only to find that the opening band that I don't know is better than the act it leads to. This makes me happy because it broadens my personal music spectrum, which I think is a positive result for any music lover.

I went up to the EARL tonight to check out the sold out Electric Six show, which might more appropriately be referred to as the sold out She Wants Revenge show, because all the fair-weather fans cleared out when they were finished. Opening up for the aforementioned acts was Rock Kills Kid, a five piece from Los Angeles that dons a rock and electronica sound that made me pay attention. In some instances, I could see this band as the love child of Robert Smith and Bono. I feel like I've nailed a taste test in that I go to their website, only to see U2 and The Cure listed as two of the band's influences. The lead singer's voice really reminded me of Bono in addition to the way he attacked each song with heightened hand gestures and a constant touching of the face. He manages to finish some lyrics by crouching while drawing out the ends of words in a raspy voice, which I thought was a beautiful touch. The catchiest tune I heard all night, by far, was "Paralyzed," which boasts a chorus you can completely jam out to in either your car, or possibly the on dance floor. Even listening to it now, I want to get off my lazy ass and move around. Not many songs can have that effect on this girl. The other song that stood out to me was the most definitely Cure-esque "Hide Away" that was played at the end of the show. It's a slower tune than the rest that speaks of lost chances and presents a melancholy undertone. I'm pretty sure that this song will end up on repeat in my player, especially since I actually shelled out extra money and bought the EP, which is an act I rarely practice.

So, see, sometimes it pays to be on time to a show and catch the opening act. She Wants Revenge played second, and had I not been busy thinking of ways to impolitely remove the asshole next to me from my leg (which he was feverishly grinding upon without my consent), then I may have come out with something better to say, however, in this situation, I found it hard to concentrate, so you'll have to forgive me. In the future, I pray that I don't end up at the EARL standing next to a bunch of drunken meatheads who missed their turn to Buckhead when I am trying to enjoy good music.
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