Sunday, January 08, 2006

With Love And Squalor.

Now that the holidays have ended and I have emerged from my drunken haze, I can bring you some more music picks. Not many shows to speak of lately, however, that will change by next weekend, I assure you. So, during this lull, I will touch on this album by a band that I have recently taken to.

We Are Scientists hail from California, but now call New York home. They released their debut full length album entitled With Love and Squalor last Tuesday on iTunes, but it is available in stores nationwide on January 10th. I have listened through it already and am pleased to say that I have immediately embraced it. The single being pushed is called Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt. This track is extremely catchy with numerous "woahs" placed throughout and brilliantly between guitar riffs and heavy hitting drumbeats. I want to dance to it. I want to stand up and move my hips back and forth to the "woahs" like an accomplished dancer at the Cheetah. Too bad I'm not that skilled and can only try to emulate it. The chorus takes me back to an unknown disco song I used to constantly turn on my dad's record player when I was younger.

Continuing down the list, you'll run into This Scene Is Dead, which depicts a typical night's end for anyone who frequents the 'scene' of nightlife. I find the lyrics to hit entirely too close to home, and that's refreshing more than depressing. This song is another that displays a balance between fast background beats and drawn out vocals. The drums are key in this one, as they are tooling along fast and repetitive, only to stop abruptly and change to fit Keith Murray's chants. Inaction has a tune you'll want to sing along to that much reminds me of Hot Hot Heat, but without that Brit-poppy sounding vocal added to it.

What I have noticed most about We Are Scientists is the ingenious use of the guitar and drums together. I'm amazed at how well they fit harmoniously, even though they are producing two completely different sounds at all times. The band itself will tell you that they pride themselves on being catchy, and I must say they have a superb grasp on what they have going with their music. If this album doesn't make your ears happy, then I give you my permission to curse me, but I have a feeling you will only do the opposite once you've taken a listen. You'll have to wait to see them live, as they are touring around on the other side of the world in the near future, but when they do get here, buy tickets early, because it will sell out.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt - mp3
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