Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pencil This In Your Palm Pilot.

My calendar is about to explode due to the overabundance of super shows that will take place over the next month. I hope my bank account can handle it. Here we go:

Friday, January 20th: Boulevard is playing at Vinyl with The Swear and Y.O.U. I love Boulevard like a fat kid loves cake. I actually did a review about their show at Smith's if you want to check out the archives. You need to see them. Seriously. $10. Doors are at 8, Boulevard is at 9.

Friday, January 27th: The Futurists with Waving at Strangers , The Gates of Berlin and Harrison Hudson. This show will be off the chain, as we say in the ATL. You're a dumbass if you don't go. It's at the Masquerade, and it's $8 at the door, or if you're cool like me, you can get advanced tickets for $6 from the bands, which you should do, since it goes in their pocket, and they are starving artists.

Saturday, January 28th: Blame Game is playing at the Drunken Unicorn. This band is for music lovers. The talent cannot even be measured. You can also find a past write-up of mine on their live performance in my archives.

Friday, February 3rd: Overwhelmed, Sovus Radio, Kill Gordon, and All the Saints will be at the Masquerade. I've seen all of these bands live, but only two of them sober enough to write about. If you haven't heard about at least half of these bands yet, then you've been under a rock. So, emerge and attend.

Saturday, February 11th: League of Evil and From June Forward will be at the EARL. What's better than going to the EARL on a Saturday night, eating a big ass hamburger, and then listening to chill music while sipping a PBR tallboy? Nothing. Not even sex.

Wednesday, February 15th: Rantings of Eva will be at Vinyl. I love love love this band. Very Jeff Buckley-ish...very smooth vocals and drumbeats that'll make your tush rock in a back and forth motion. If you're not into rocking your tush, your foot will suffice...trust me, something will be moving.

Thursday February 16th: A national touring act! At the Masquerade you have the Truckstops and Statelines Tour with The Academy Is..., Panic! At the Disco, Acceptance, and Hellogoodbye. This is the pseudo-emo/indie/power pop show of the year to catch. I have declared my love of William Beckett, front man of TAI. He's a little Mick Jagger in training with his pelvic thrusts and bony finger pointing. If I get the chance, I will lay down in front of him and offer him my soul. $15

Friday, February 17th: Once again, at the Masquerade, check out The Green Light, Jil Station, and Bishop Don. I'd refer to blog I wrote about Jil Station, but I lost it. Nevertheless, you must see them. One of the best live acts in Atlanta by far, and naturally, a personal favorite of mine. And I'm a snob. $6.

Thursday, February 23rd: ASCAP Atlanta is having yet another stellar line-up, and it's at the Masquerade. Are we noticing a trend here? Snowden, The Futurists, The Judies, and Tora Tora Tora will be performing. It is nothing short of a miracle to get four really superb bands on one stage in one night. This will make your wallet happy, I promise.
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