Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Future Looks Good.

Back in October, I went to Open Mic Madness at Smith's Olde Bar. I saw and heard a ton of crap, when all of the sudden, my ears were turned toward this band called the Futurists that I had not heard of yet. The format of Open Mic Madness only allows artists to play one song, but that little taste had me salivating and anxious to see an entire set out of them.

Finally, after months of listening to the two songs you can download on MySpace, I saw them last night at the Masquerade in front of a packed room. There are many appealing traits about this band, besides their music. For starters, they are collectively the most beautiful band that I have ever seen. Every single one of them looks like they should be on the cover of a magazine with their eyeliner and trendy style that consists of hats (not caps, but real hats) and a bandana. I'm surprised there weren't any panties thrown at the stage.

John Lindsey fronts the band with his drawn out vocals that soothe as he sings with an animated face. I had a much better view of quite possibly the hottest drummer I've ever seen, Matt DeBusschere, who had this way of making his job seem completely effortless while producing a quick rhythm that sounded much more complicated than he made it look. The music itself has me wondering why the hell they aren't signed. While mostly an indie rock feel is apparent, I hear a definite undertone of blues in a couple of their tunes, like "Dare I Say It" and "Candlelight." I catch a certain heavy influence from the Films in their songs, almost to a point where you could mistake the two bands if you really weren't familiar with either one. You can definitely hear it in my favorite, "Last Stand."

Overall, this is something I want to witness as much as possible. Fortunately for you if you happened to miss last night, the Futurists can be caught next on February 23rd at the Masquerade with Snowden for the ASCAP showcase. They're opening for The Rocket Summer on March 10th. Wow.

Candlelight mp3

Last Stand mp3
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