Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Future Looks Good.

Back in October, I went to Open Mic Madness at Smith's Olde Bar. I saw and heard a ton of crap, when all of the sudden, my ears were turned toward this band called the Futurists that I had not heard of yet. The format of Open Mic Madness only allows artists to play one song, but that little taste had me salivating and anxious to see an entire set out of them.

Finally, after months of listening to the two songs you can download on MySpace, I saw them last night at the Masquerade in front of a packed room. There are many appealing traits about this band, besides their music. For starters, they are collectively the most beautiful band that I have ever seen. Every single one of them looks like they should be on the cover of a magazine with their eyeliner and trendy style that consists of hats (not caps, but real hats) and a bandana. I'm surprised there weren't any panties thrown at the stage.

John Lindsey fronts the band with his drawn out vocals that soothe as he sings with an animated face. I had a much better view of quite possibly the hottest drummer I've ever seen, Matt DeBusschere, who had this way of making his job seem completely effortless while producing a quick rhythm that sounded much more complicated than he made it look. The music itself has me wondering why the hell they aren't signed. While mostly an indie rock feel is apparent, I hear a definite undertone of blues in a couple of their tunes, like "Dare I Say It" and "Candlelight." I catch a certain heavy influence from the Films in their songs, almost to a point where you could mistake the two bands if you really weren't familiar with either one. You can definitely hear it in my favorite, "Last Stand."

Overall, this is something I want to witness as much as possible. Fortunately for you if you happened to miss last night, the Futurists can be caught next on February 23rd at the Masquerade with Snowden for the ASCAP showcase. They're opening for The Rocket Summer on March 10th. Wow.

Candlelight mp3

Last Stand mp3

Friday, January 27, 2006

Send Us...Whatever

If you care to send something like a CD (or flowers, candy, a million dollars, etc), then here is where you can snail mail it.

Ally Allen
265 Ponce de Leon Ave NE
Apt. 3509
Atlanta, GA 30308


Leah Baker
601 Seminole Ave NE
Apt C
Atlanta, GA 30307

I'd give you our phone numbers, but you know, I usually only do that after someone buys me a drink.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

College Revisited, With Good Reason.

Thursday night had me springing a wild hair for a mini middle of the week road trip to the Ritz in Athens to see Harrison Hudson and Jil Station play together for a fraternity benefit show to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. My travel friend donated $5...the guy collecting was amazed it was more than a dollar.

Harrison Hudson opened up with a sound that rides the wave of classic southern rock and alternative indie combined. It's obvious they go back far in music time for their influences. Most of their songs have a catchy chorus that you can sing along to with the band while shaking your head up and down and shredding your air guitar. Harrison Hudson's voice has this amazing way of sucking you in to the point where you never want him to stop singing. I almost hear an Elvis-like characteristic in it, which really works well in blending with their guitar riffs. They can definitely rock a stage with the way they play, it's distributed well among the band members. They have three songs available for download on MySpace. I've got No Matter on my iPod now, and I can't wait for it to get shuffled into the mix. Check them out next Friday, the 27th, at the Masquerade.

Jil Station wrapped things up with a highly energetic performance. This band has it down when it comes to stage presence and musical styling. The heavy reliance on the keyboards in their songs makes for a smooth and mellow sound, which is beautifully amped up by the guitars. Kyle Dreaden's vocals were right on, and his gallivanting around stage kept my eyes glued. Many of the fans on the floor were singing along and shouting out for their favorite song to be sung, which I found to be so rockstar-like for the band, as they had a good size crowd. Jil Station has been recording many new songs for the past month or so, and I must declare that the little taste I got Thursday has me anxious to hear the final product. You can get some of their current tunes off their MySpace page. They threw in a couple of covers, as well, noting R.E.M. with their Athens fame and a favorite of anyone who grew up in the nineties, Laid by James. If you haven't seen them yet, you need to make sure you're at the EARL on February 11th, where they’ll be headlining with support from League of Evil and From June Forward. Seriously, you will be so mesmerized by Kyle's dancing and passion he so well exudes while performing that you'll end up dreaming about it later on. I guarantee you'll see my face at that show.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pencil This In Your Palm Pilot.

My calendar is about to explode due to the overabundance of super shows that will take place over the next month. I hope my bank account can handle it. Here we go:

Friday, January 20th: Boulevard is playing at Vinyl with The Swear and Y.O.U. I love Boulevard like a fat kid loves cake. I actually did a review about their show at Smith's if you want to check out the archives. You need to see them. Seriously. $10. Doors are at 8, Boulevard is at 9.

Friday, January 27th: The Futurists with Waving at Strangers , The Gates of Berlin and Harrison Hudson. This show will be off the chain, as we say in the ATL. You're a dumbass if you don't go. It's at the Masquerade, and it's $8 at the door, or if you're cool like me, you can get advanced tickets for $6 from the bands, which you should do, since it goes in their pocket, and they are starving artists.

Saturday, January 28th: Blame Game is playing at the Drunken Unicorn. This band is for music lovers. The talent cannot even be measured. You can also find a past write-up of mine on their live performance in my archives.

Friday, February 3rd: Overwhelmed, Sovus Radio, Kill Gordon, and All the Saints will be at the Masquerade. I've seen all of these bands live, but only two of them sober enough to write about. If you haven't heard about at least half of these bands yet, then you've been under a rock. So, emerge and attend.

Saturday, February 11th: League of Evil and From June Forward will be at the EARL. What's better than going to the EARL on a Saturday night, eating a big ass hamburger, and then listening to chill music while sipping a PBR tallboy? Nothing. Not even sex.

Wednesday, February 15th: Rantings of Eva will be at Vinyl. I love love love this band. Very Jeff Buckley-ish...very smooth vocals and drumbeats that'll make your tush rock in a back and forth motion. If you're not into rocking your tush, your foot will me, something will be moving.

Thursday February 16th: A national touring act! At the Masquerade you have the Truckstops and Statelines Tour with The Academy Is..., Panic! At the Disco, Acceptance, and Hellogoodbye. This is the pseudo-emo/indie/power pop show of the year to catch. I have declared my love of William Beckett, front man of TAI. He's a little Mick Jagger in training with his pelvic thrusts and bony finger pointing. If I get the chance, I will lay down in front of him and offer him my soul. $15

Friday, February 17th: Once again, at the Masquerade, check out The Green Light, Jil Station, and Bishop Don. I'd refer to blog I wrote about Jil Station, but I lost it. Nevertheless, you must see them. One of the best live acts in Atlanta by far, and naturally, a personal favorite of mine. And I'm a snob. $6.

Thursday, February 23rd: ASCAP Atlanta is having yet another stellar line-up, and it's at the Masquerade. Are we noticing a trend here? Snowden, The Futurists, The Judies, and Tora Tora Tora will be performing. It is nothing short of a miracle to get four really superb bands on one stage in one night. This will make your wallet happy, I promise.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

With Love And Squalor.

Now that the holidays have ended and I have emerged from my drunken haze, I can bring you some more music picks. Not many shows to speak of lately, however, that will change by next weekend, I assure you. So, during this lull, I will touch on this album by a band that I have recently taken to.

We Are Scientists hail from California, but now call New York home. They released their debut full length album entitled With Love and Squalor last Tuesday on iTunes, but it is available in stores nationwide on January 10th. I have listened through it already and am pleased to say that I have immediately embraced it. The single being pushed is called Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt. This track is extremely catchy with numerous "woahs" placed throughout and brilliantly between guitar riffs and heavy hitting drumbeats. I want to dance to it. I want to stand up and move my hips back and forth to the "woahs" like an accomplished dancer at the Cheetah. Too bad I'm not that skilled and can only try to emulate it. The chorus takes me back to an unknown disco song I used to constantly turn on my dad's record player when I was younger.

Continuing down the list, you'll run into This Scene Is Dead, which depicts a typical night's end for anyone who frequents the 'scene' of nightlife. I find the lyrics to hit entirely too close to home, and that's refreshing more than depressing. This song is another that displays a balance between fast background beats and drawn out vocals. The drums are key in this one, as they are tooling along fast and repetitive, only to stop abruptly and change to fit Keith Murray's chants. Inaction has a tune you'll want to sing along to that much reminds me of Hot Hot Heat, but without that Brit-poppy sounding vocal added to it.

What I have noticed most about We Are Scientists is the ingenious use of the guitar and drums together. I'm amazed at how well they fit harmoniously, even though they are producing two completely different sounds at all times. The band itself will tell you that they pride themselves on being catchy, and I must say they have a superb grasp on what they have going with their music. If this album doesn't make your ears happy, then I give you my permission to curse me, but I have a feeling you will only do the opposite once you've taken a listen. You'll have to wait to see them live, as they are touring around on the other side of the world in the near future, but when they do get here, buy tickets early, because it will sell out.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt - mp3