Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ring in the New Year...

I did this last year. I'm sure there are some people out there who are going to be scrambling for something to do on Sunday, which happens to be New Year's Eve. I saw on the news that the government will allow alcohol to be served late that night considering the circumstances surrounding the holiday (those being consumption of alcohol in large amounts, basically). So, if you have no plans yet for "Amateur Night," here are a couple of suggestions:

*Once again, Snowden is going to be ringing in the New Year at MJQ, this year with Gringo Star and Deerhunter. You can get tickets here. They're $10, and you must be 21 to purchase them. I did that last year, and I was in bed passed out by 1:00. I'm such a trooper.

*Atlanta Music Guide is doing their annual "Heathen Chemistry" thing at the Spotted Dog. There will be DJs and food and drinks. It's all inclusive and costs $60...if you want to go, get tickets here. It says the Mayor of Ponce is DJing. I think that guy is a douche.

*There's some kind of big DJ thing going on at the Loft. It's called Liquified '07, and you can get more info and tickets (which are $30) here.

*If you're a hippie, you probably already have tickets to the Widespread Panic show at Philips. If not, you're going to have to shell out a lot for them. Have fun with that. Here's a link.

*The Selmanaires are going to be at the EARL with Tenement Halls and Thee Crucials. Those tickets are $10.

That's all I got that's worth mentioning at the moment.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"it's the wrong kind of place to be thinking of you..."

current location: hard rock hotel, chicago

current mood: astounded

last night, i was able to cross something off of my "things to do before i die" list. i had the pleasure of finally seeing damien rice in concert at the vic theatre in chicago. i've been in love with this man for some time now and his performance only made me fall even harder.

he started his set off with "delicate" and at the end of it, lisa hannigan came out and they went straight into "volcano". i swear, her voice is absolutely angelic. i had to scalp tickets so i ended up sitting next to a stranger (who i would later find out was a stock broker named matt) but he commented on how the stage was set up like someone's basement. i have to agree because there was a coffee table with a lamp on it beside the piano and a disco ball just laying on the ground. it was very intimate and i loved it. damien went to the piano for "accidental babies" and about halfway through the song he said, "fuck it. what do you all want to hear?" someone yelled, "the professor" so he picked up his guitar and went right into it. after that, they put the disco ball to use and he played "eskimo". having never been to the vic, i was unaware of how amazing the sound in there was. it is easily the best sounding venue i have ever been to. every song from "cannonball" to "cheers darlin'" to "cold water" sounded perfect. actually, at the end of the show, all the lights were turned off and damien unplugged his guitar and played "the blower's daughter". not a soul in the audience made a sound. you literally could have heard a pin drop. i was a little disappointed that he didn't play "9 crimes", but his demeanor and showmanship more than made up for it. i will honestly never forget the night i finally saw damien in concert.

damien rice - "9 crimes"

i love men with accents.
that is all.

Who's Not a Rockstar?

Yeah. I was (jokingly) accused of not being as rockstar as I used to be early last night, so I decided to go and prove the accuser wrong. Thanks to Caren West, there was another fabulous afterparty at Piebar last night following the Butch Walker show, and I went...and I took the accuser with me since he apparently is an acquaintance of Mr. Walker. Once again, Caren threw a super party (big ups to her for the dress she was wearing, which I am now totally in love with), and Butch was nice enough to converse with us "little people."

To prove my rockstarness, I made sure I got tipsy, inadvertently dumped an entire liquor drink on poor Butch, sang "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" at the almost-top of my lungs, stayed out til 4:00 this morning, and still made it to the "real job" showered, and on time. Dude, if that's not rockstar, I'm not sure what is. I missed the show due to consumption of dinner beverages, but I heard from a good source that Butch put on his usual energetic and engaging performance. I also heard the pseudo-go-go dancers from July were not present. For reasons I've made known, this makes me smile.

Thanks to Butch and Caren for giving me back my rockstar status.

And FYI today-

**A guy named Wiener finally gets his fill of John Lennon's past from secret FBI papers.

**Lifetime acheivement awards are in order, and it looks like hippies are all over this one.

**Procol Harum is having issues with one of my most favorite songs EVER. Did they actually have any other songs?

**Locally, Jon Harris and the Sin Hounds will be playing with the A-Sides (love them!) at Blind Willie's on December 28th That's the day before my birthday. And the day before you come see Chris Unck & the Black Roses, League of Evil, the Beggars' Guild, and Rantings of Eva play our first showcase, eh...

**Cable & Tweed informs readers of an interesting little happening going on tonight.

**You Ain't No Picasso thinks the new Bright Eyes is going to be worth it.

Ally called me last night. She's in Chicago at the moment and wanted to tell me how bad ass Damien Rice is live. Lucky bitch.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pick of the Week...Number...Hmmm.

I have no idea where I left off on the numbering. As you'll recall, I didn't do a Pick of the Week last week. I did get a Dick of the Week out, though. I'm still pissed off about it, so there's not a new one.

This week, not much is going on in the world of music, other than Butch Walker tonight at the Loft and whatever other shows I listed yesterday that I don't feel like backtracking for you today. (Just scroll down, it'll all be fine, I promise). I know I've mentioned that show like three times already, but I would feel like I'm doing an injustice if I don't try to convince you to attend. There may not even be tickets...I don't know. You can get the info here, but I suspect you can't buy them online since it's now the day of the show. You'd probably have to get them at the door.

Anyways, back to Pick of The Week. I think I'm going to go with All the Saints this week. The bassist is a friend of mine, and while I didn't care for them at all to begin with, and still have a hard time at shows just because it's so loud, he passed their recorded material on to me, and I'm in love with it. This music has a vintage sound to it that's reminiscent of the seventies, and I can dig it, because, like we've already established...I'm a not-so-closet hippie. There's not a whole lot going on here in the vocal department. It's all about the music. It is, for lack of a better word, highly psychedelic. If you want, they're playing Smith's Olde Bar at 8:00 on Thursday for the 99X Sunday School on the Road series. It's free. You have no excuse not to attend. Unless you're under 21.

And lastly, elsewhere in the world of music...

**Axl Rose is delaying the release of his record. This is almost as shocking as when I found out Doogie Houser was gay.

**Yoko Ono's driver is/was apparently psycho. Once again, she's not to blame here.

**Ruben Studdard, past winner of American Idol who is proving to the world why he won, thinks Alabamans are fat and wants to change that. This from a man named after my most favorite fattening sammich.

**What We All Want has the new Chromeo leak up, and I am in love with Chromeo.

**The Swear is in search of a drummer. If you drum, you can contact them here. They didn't say this, but I imagine you have to know what you're doing and not suck ass.

Monday, December 18, 2006

News You Can Use.

Things are slow right now, but that doesn't mean I've run out of things to say...

*Check out Atlanta Music Guide...they named Estates as their December Band of the Month. Of course, this comes as no surprise in the department of my tastes.

*Speaking of Atlanta Music Guide, they're doing this Heathen Chemistry thing again on New Year's Eve at the Spotted Dog located on North Ave (right by the Marta in case you want to be safe that night). Get more info here.

*I heard that Spectralux is shooting a music video and looking for a "fit female" to star in it. You can email ( them and get more info if you're interested. I'm not fit in any way, so I have to pass...

*If you like Christmas music done in the country way, then check out Rev. Andy's show on Album 88 tomorrow night at 10 p.m.

*Atlanta band, the Woggles, have signed with Wicked Cool Records.

*Heavy Mojo went to London and ending up winning the Global Battle of the Bands. Congratulations are in order for them!

*I like Ray Charles and pretty much all things Motown, so the death of Ahmet Ertegun is kind of significant.

*Britney Spears, a girl-not-yet-a-woman who has two human children, has been named the worst dog owner. Birth control pills seem like a better idea everyday with people like that out there...

*Trey Anastasio was arrested for popping pills and then driving around. Genius!

Show News:

*Tonight, if you hit the Killers' make-up show, you'll get to see Sparta and Cartel open up for them. I like Cartel. I know, I know...but I do. Call me a teenage girl, I don't even care.

*If you're not going to the Tabernacle, then you can check out Winter Ransom at Lenny's tonight.

*Auditioning Alice is going to be over at Lenny's on Wednesday, December 20th.

*This Thursday, December 21st, Luna Halo is playing with Elevation and Kyle Dreaden (from Jil Station) at Vinyl. You shouldn't have to work the next day, so go out and have fun.

*Dropsonic will be at the EARL on Saturday, December 30th. You need to make sure you go OUR showcase the night before, though.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

my best of '06

and now, i give you my best of '06.

10. bishop allen - every EP (especially april)

ok, so technically bishop allen didn’t release an LP this year, but using a sufjan-like technique, they have released an EP for every month. the april and july EPs were particular favorites of mine. every month i’ve found myself itching to hear the new material and i can honestly say i have yet to be disappointed.

bishop allen - "flight 180" (april EP)

9. the essex green - cannibal sea

yeah, i don’t know why, i don’t know why-y-y… this band hasn’t made more lists this year?!? the essex green was easily one of the best bands of the year for me. i consider cannibal sea to be the archetypal indie pop album. switching back and forth, sasha bell’s dreamy lead vocals on songs like “cardinal points” and “this isn’t farmlife” balance perfectly with chris ziter’s enchanting lead vox on “don’t know why”. i will say that I have not seen them live, but with an album this great i find it highly unlikely that they would disappoint.

the essex green - "dont know why"

8. the fratellis - costello music

this year, for whatever reason, i really got into the brit music scene. the fratellis haven’t really made much of a name for themselves in the states yet, but it’s only a matter of time. their debut LP has been on constant rotation in my itunes since i first heard these guys play on nme radio. the song “flathead” has the ability to get stuck in my head for days. that being said, i would definitely vote for costello music as catchiest album of the year.

the fratellis - "flathead"

7. thom yorke - the eraser

i’m a sucker for anything radiohead related. working with longtime radiohead producer, nigel godrich, thom finally released his solo other project that really explored his electronic/experimental side (much more so than radiohead). in “atoms for peace”, thom sounds like he holds a constant hummmm in the back of his throat while somehow managing to sing on top of it. it’s so awkward that you don’t really know if it’s terrible or brilliant. naturally, i side with the latter of the two.

thom yorke - "harrowdown hill"

6. brand new - the devil and god are raging inside me

it’s no surprise that brand new made my list. as far as i’m concerned, this band can do no wrong. released just this november, their album is phenomenal. i found myself listening to it as i was driving up to ellijay late one night and i literally jumped in the middle of “luca”. that’s when i realized what separated this album from their previous ones- it’s capable of being the entire soundtrack to a scary movie. the lyrics are still amazing, but they definitely stepped it up and played much harder this time around. and i think i love jesse lacey. oh, and i just heard that they will be playing back-to-back shows at centerstage on april 17 & 18. mmmm.

brand new - "degausser"

5. snowden - anti-anti

anti-anti proved to the world what we ATLiens have known for some time- snowden is one hell of a psychedelic band. for me, snowden combined everything i love about animal collective and fused it with the best of wolf parade. the first time i heard Jordan sing, “filler is wasted” i was a believer. i’ve noticed that they’ve made several best of lists so far, but i’m sure all you locals will agree that there is nothing like a hometown snowden show (or a listening party at the local).

snowden - "ccounterfeit rules"

4. annuals - be he me

this was the first band i really blogged about on here (...i think) and after seeing them live i’m fully convinced of their genius. they aren’t afraid of being too weird because, well… they really are genuinely weird. this isn’t meant an insult because it makes for simply incredible experimental rock/pop. when i listen to “bleary eyed”, i get this edge-of-my-seat feeling that can only be attributed to their spontaneity. same thing goes for “dry clothes”. i mean, you have to give credit to a band that is able to hold your attention by repeating “dry clothes” over and over again for literally the last minute and a half of the song. annuals will be at the variety on jan. 26 and i cannot wait to see them again.

annuals - "dry clothes"

3. oh no! oh my! - oh no! oh my!

to be honest, i don’t really know what it is about this band that i love so much, but from the moment i heard “walk in the park” i was hooked. you know that weird group of guys in school that always wore the japanese animation shirts and played that magic game during lunch? well, imagine those aforementioned guys formed a band. but guess what? they don’t suck. eccentricity is the essence of oh no! oh my! their lyrics are very tongue-in-cheek and i love it because you can’t tell if they are serious or just stupid. not to mention the fact that they play nearly every instrument imaginable on the album. oh no! oh my! have fulfilled my quirky quota for the entire year. ironically they were home schooled, too.

oh no! oh my! - "walk in the park"

2. ben kweller - ben kweller

oh, ben… we go wayyy back. i’m with leah on the concert this year. it was incredible even though he didn’t play “this is war” (no, i’m not bitter). ben has always been a favorite of mine and he certainly didn’t disappoint with his self-titled full-length this year. from “run” to “penny on the train track” to “magic” the entire album is amazing. each song is beautifully written and completely relatable. ben is clever and he gets it. period.

ben kweller - "this is war"

1. manchester orchestra - like a virgin losing a child

i can’t quit listening to this album. i’m actually a little ashamed of just how high my itunes play count is. it’s that good. andy hull is one of the few songwriters that literally makes me weak in the knees with his music. i was lucky enough to see them play at lollapalooza this year and their performance was one that i will never forget. at the end of “i can barely breathe” the guys nearly broke their instruments because they were playing so hard (chris in particular). i’m so glad they are from the A because i could watch them perform every night and never tire of it. rumor has it that they will be touring in the new year with their good friends, brand new (!!!!!). great job, guys. like a virgin losing a child is perfect.

manchester orchestra - "where have you been?"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We Needed a Facelift.

So, I spent some time dorking it up, and now we have a more personalized interface for the time being. Bear with us...we aren't computer dorks, we're music dorks, so we can only make it look as good as it can with our limited knowledge.

I hope you guys like the new look.

This weekend, if you're into the whole "Americana" type music, you might want to head to the Loft on Friday night to see Tim Brantley, Pasadena, the Beggars' Guild, and the Lonely Hearts. Tickets are somewhere around $10.00.

Also, on Saturday night, the 16th, one of my most favorite and heavily played bands at the moment, Leslie, will be at Vinyl with the Cogburns and Thee Crucials. Seriously, people...if you haven't seen Leslie, go! 'Tis the poo. 'Tis also $7.00.

Apparently the Killers are going to be playing a little make-up show at Philips Arena on Monday night, December 18th. You can find all the lovely info on that here. They're going to play an entire 45 minute set! (In case you were wondering, yes, you should pick up your biscuit and soak it in the sarcasm.)

If you're into getting your money's worth, then you should probably try and hop on that Butch Walker show being held on Tuesday, December 19th at the Loft. Get your tickets to that here.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

2006 Tops.

You will begin to see in the next few weeks a numerous amount of "Best of 2006" lists popping up all over blogs, magazines, and other sorts of publications. It's inevitable. It's what we live for. Last year, if I recall correctly, I did two separate ones...a "guilty pleasures" list, and "best albums" list. This year, time will probably only permit me to do one, and that's the "Best of 2006." I suspect Ally is working on hers as well. I want to get mine out of the way. I'm going to do ten of my favorites. There are probably more, but these are the ten I keep coming back to and have decided I simply cannot live without. You're going to notice a pattern in these, I'm sure. Enjoy.


The Believer by Rhett Miller
It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Rhett Miller. One of the highlights of my year was getting to meet him before he played in Central Park when I was up in NY this past June. The dude just speaks to me, and even though this album is much poppier than any material he put out with the Old 97's, I can't help but love it...because it's him. Same half-drunken voice, same heartaching lyrical content, same rockin' guitar riffs. My favorite tune? Probably a toss-up between "My Valentine" and "Fireflies."


Chemical City by Sam Roberts Band
If Canada weren't so effing cold, I would probably move there just so I could be surrounded by bands of this caliber all the time. I had the pleasure of catching this band live with Ben Kweller this year, and my God, they are just something else. The music gives me this hopeful feeling, and you can actually feel the blood, sweat, and tears that these guys put into their songs. I could listen to "Bridge to Nowhere" on repeat all day long and never tire of it. I have a feeling that this band is going to totally blow up soon, and I'm glad I'm already acquainted.


Everything All the Time by Band of Horses
There's nothing about this album that I don't like. Ben Bridwell's vocals are distinctive and engaging, and the music is very powerful behind it. My favorite song is "The Funeral," which, if I had to pick a "Best Song of the Year," it would definitely win that title. This album is appealing to music lovers across many genres, and is appreciated by lovers of new and old alike.


Anti-Anti by Snowden
Ah, finally, a band from Atlanta that's getting all kinds of national press because they don't suck! The album doesn't either. Even though I've seen them play these songs out live more times that I can possibly count, I never get sick of them because they're awesome. "Filler is Wasted" is probably my favorite, in addition to the title track. I mostly like it when I'm in the car and can play it loud. Yay for them.


Friendly Fire by Sean Lennon
Picking up where I'm sure his father would've left off if given the chance, Sean Lennon has managed to bring about intriguing instrumental sounds to couple with his somewhat high-pitched vocals and complicated lyrics. Listen to "Dead Meat" to get a grasp on it. This is a match made in musical heaven that makes it's way onto my iPod more than most everything else. The dude lives up to his genes. I'm sure Julian is less than thrilled about that...


Dying to Say This to You by The Sounds
Oh man, this might be the only reason I miss going to the gym...because I would listen to this on repeat. It's the only album (besides Panic! At the Disco) that can make me run faster, lift more, and push harder. There's some anger behind the content that shows through in the album, but it's done in a poppy/dance tone that makes burning energy fun to do. Check out "Hurt You" and "Ego" if you wanna get your tush in gear. I promise, it works.


Ben Kweller by Ben Kweller
Love love love Ben Kweller and his innocent and unsuspecting attitude. Easily one of the best live shows I've seen this year, probably because he has this awesome album with new material. I cry when I hear "Magic," and I feel like I can change the world when I hear "Penny on the Train Track." That's in addition to the sing along I manage to somehow burst into when I hear "Sundress." I'm sorry I didn't know about him earlier in life.


Black Holes and Revelations by Muse
Matthew Bellamy's "my pants are too tight and I'm probably not producing any sperm" high-pitched vocals are calling to me on this one. They're telling me to drop everything and dance, and to be mad at the state of the world. They're telling me that there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and that this album is paving the way. "Supermassive Black Hole" and "Starlight" are my favorites, and though this album will probably not stand the test of time, it's certainly been with me since I acquired it.


Knives Don't Have Your Back by Emily Haines
Being a huge fan of Metric, this album belongs in my collection as a given, but it didn't get there by default. It's haunting tone and wicked piano skill twist my emotions like the third turn of the Mindbender at Six Flags. Yet, another reason Canada seems appealing...this songstress' soft vocals will sing you into a calm state with her lullably-like demeanor, and you'll love every minute of it. "Doctor Blind" got me hooked on her solo stuff.


The Dust of Retreat by Margot and the Nuclear So and So's
And lastly, the album that is perpetually stuck in my CD player. Despite two cancelled live shows in Atlanta, I happened to catch them before all of you even knew who they were (thanks Jason!). Yes, I knew who they were before you decided to love them. There's evidence floating around, so you can research it if you don't believe me. This collection of songs sends me into a whirlwind of emotion that I cannot even begin to describe. Every song is full of power and obvious talent. What else would you expect from an 8-piece band? A side of biscuits?

Friday, December 08, 2006

And the Winner Is...

I put all the names of the entries to the Snowden/Forward Russia! contest in a coffee cup and picked Andy McMillan as the winner. So, congrats to him. In case you were wondering, the answer was Christian Cox, and it was on the front page of the site, as well as in the "News" section. He's a friend of mine, and he's amazing at what he does...and I know how hard he worked on that site, so you should check it out sometime. It's purty.

There's a million and one shows tonight, but if you go to one, I suggest you layer. It's cold as a polar bears naughty bits!

**Cadillac Jones @ the EARL

**Foreverdown will be playing at Under the Couch. It's an early 7:30. If you're a blog reader, you may know that Jon from JonPlusTrae is in that band. If you didn't know, well, you do now. They're kind of the male version of Ally and I.

**If you're OTP, Chainestereo is having a show at the Loco's in Gainesville, GA.

That's going to do it, I think. I'm still looking for a band to headline the January showcase since I pretty much got shat on. If anyone feels like helping us out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

For Your Information.

**A band that has come to Atlanta a couple times was recently on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to perform their song, "Typical." The band is Mute Math, and there is a video of them performing on YouTube if you're interested in checking it out. Just click on the link below...

Mute Math on Jimmy Kimmel Live

**If you're going to be hanging out in Atlanta around the holidays like I plan to do...since I live here...Butch Walker will be having a special, just-announced, not-so-secret show on December 19th at the Loft. The Loft is small. You can get tickets on Ticket Alternative. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Mr. Walker doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves, not only for his live show, but for the musical empire he's created. Go see him!

We also have confirmed the following for the next showcase: Chainestereo, Bang Bang Bang, and Trances Arc at Vinyl on January 20th. You can tickets to it from Ticket Alternative. You should probably do that. It would be nice.

UPDATE: Apparently that line-up is not going to happen, as it was just brought to my attention that Trances Arc "had a change in their schedule." So, thank you for that. Thank you for having me sell this to the lovely people at Vinyl, only to have me eat my words so that I now look like a dumbass. Now that they cannot play, I need to find a "headlining" band for that night, however, skipping town and not having to deal with this sort of shit ever again sounds like a much better idea. Eff this. Really.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"she's makin' movies if you know what i mean..."

i don't know what it is with me and bands out of portland lately, but blitzen trapper is my latest love and rightfully so.

alright, just go with me on this...
when i was little, my parents would throw these ridiculous pool parties, turn up their jukebox, and open the sliding glass doors so the music would blare outside. i can remember listening to the kinks and creedence clearwater revival for hours and hours. for some reason, every single time i hear blitzen trapper it sort of takes me back to those days. this band has successfully fused country twang, indie rock, and electronica which is something not many bands today have been able to do without sounding like everything else. in my opinion, their self-titled debut in '03 is much stronger than their more fluid, sophmore effort, field rexx. i suppose i can post two tracks and let you all decide for youselves, though.

blitzen trapper - "pink padded slippers" (blitzen trapper)

blitzen trapper - "summertwin" (field rexx)

either way, try and tell me you don't feel like you've known them forever!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Love Snowden? Enter the Contest...

Time again for a contest. This time, you’re going to get a pair of tickets to the Forward Russia!/Snowden show next Thursday, December 14th at the EARL. If you’re not in the loop, this is a coveted thing! It’ll be a highly attended show, and if it happens to sell out, I wouldn’t be surprised. In addition to a pair of tickets, you’ll get a signed copy of Forward Russia!’s album, all brought to you by the friendly folks at Filter.

Soooo, what is the contest? I like trivia, so let’s go with that. How about a trivia question about Snowden, since they’re from Atlanta? Sounds thooper! Okay, email me at with the answer, and I’ll pick a winner this Friday. I repeat, you have until this Friday to find the answer. It’s an easy question, too, so don’t get your panties in a wad.

**Snowden launched a new website this summer. Who is the designer?

Email your answers in, and I’ll keep them until Friday, when I pick someone.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

episode 2.0 - "bad impersonations"

sorry for the delay, technical difficulties.
but i finally got this one up and running. go ahead and give it a listen even though a few of the shows we discussed were last night. it's a lot more entertaining this time around. well, it was for us at least!

episode 2.0:

the explorers club - "forever"
novah - "deadly waterparks"
elvis perkins - "ash wednesday"
estates - "houses"
chainstereo - "magnetic south"

remember- you can subscribe to these by clicking the link that is somewhere over there to the right ------>
also, especially if you have a show coming up, send us an mp3 for possible use in future episodes.

that's it for me. i'm having a ryan adams moment and now i'm gonna have to go watch elizabethtown.
thank you, cameron crowe.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pick of the Week Numero Five.

Alrighty, this week has been utterly busy, so I almost neglected the Pick of the Week! I'm going to go with a band that you may not really know, simply because they haven't played on too many bills that you'd normally find yourself attending (which I will be changing in January...). But nevertheless, they're pretty awesome. And they are Chainestereo. These guys, like I've said before, are young, and they have an interesting garage-poppy sound that's ultra intriguing and has me excited to hear what's going to come from them once they mature more as a band. I'm mentioning them because I know that they're about to release a CD in the very near future, and I honestly think you should give them some of your attention. Listen to "Magnetic South" on their MySpace page (linked above) to see what I'm talking about.

As far as Dick of the Week goes...well, no one has pissed me off, so I don't have one. It's amazing how all at once, people are becoming nicer...maybe it's the holidays or something.

**In addition to Pick of the Week today, I'm going to suggest you go check out the new design that KISS Atlanta has unveiled. It looks awesome.

**Also, WRAS is having their big benefit show on Saturday, December 2nd, at Eyedrum, and they're featuring the Selmanaires and an admitted local fav of mine, Boulevard. I'll be whooping it up and sucking down free top shelf drinks at the company Holiday Party, so that's a no go for me, but it sounds like it'll be well attended. Check out Cable and Tweed's post on it for more info.

**Lastly, you may or may not know this, but I lurve the Beatles. I haven't found the time to get on the Love release yet, but Pitchfork case you're interested. I don't think the dude really cares for it. And, as most things "Pitchfork," I'll probably disagree.

Ally and I are recording podcast 2.0 tonight. We might be drunk for it. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

what's caught my eye this week...

>>thom yorke is giving college students the opportunity to create a video for his track "the clock". if i had any skills at all i'd give it a shot.

>>bad religion will be headlining warped tour this summer. booo.

>>in a recent pitchfork interview, tom waits declares that he, " crazy for missy elliott, chamillionaire, and jay-z"

>>manchester orchestra's own jeremiah got engaged over the holiday. congrats to him!

>>WRASfest will be dec. 2 @ eyedrum with performances by: aerial2012, moresight, psyche origami, boulevard, the selmanaires, phosphorescent, & daedelus. make sure you get there by 4:30 (yeah, 4:30) because you'll receive a limited edition tote bag and some yummy album 88 cake.

>>some real freaks have developed a new twist known as corpse graffiti on the online role-playing game, warcraft. people need to get a life.

>>my morning jacket, the new amsterdams, and catpower have just been added to langerado festival line-up. the festival will be mar. 9-11 in south florida.

>>in other festival news, sxsw is quickly approaching (mar. 14-18) so it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and start planning. i'm going this year. who's with me?

so, i'm going to see matt pond pa tonight at the masquerade. he's playing with straylight run and kevin devine. doors at 7. if you see me out, feel free to say hello.

and that's all i feel like writing.

Monday, November 27, 2006

For the Love of Music.

Today, I thought I would share something that you probably don't know about that is actually very cool, and was brought to my attention at my "real" job, simply because this is all brought to you by the company I work for. I can't believe the bands that are involved in this haven't really said anything about it.

If you go to this nifty little site set up by Coca-Cola, you can sample all the latest and greatest tunes from all over North America, and other countries, in podcast form. You'll never guess who hosts it...none other than local music legend, Jay Harren, along with Kate Kiefer of Paste Magazine. So you know all the music picked has to be well beyond suck status, eh? The best part about this is that you can download songs...for FREE. Yes, free. And there's a large selection, one that includes Colour Revolt and local artists, Manchester Orchestra and Snowden. If you're into global sounds, there are podcasts for every part of the world...after all, you can find Coke in every part of the world, so of course they're going to cover music in those parts, too.

If you have a little time, check it out. It's definitely worthwhile.

And this week, shows of interest include:

*Greg Hester at Blind Willie's tomorrow, November 28th. Seriously, folks, you should be there. Broaden your horizons. I'll be there. I might need a dancing partner. Might...

*Jonathan Eller is playing a solo show at 10 High Wednesday, November 29th. Jonathan is probably one of the best musicians I personally know, and watching him play is a must...his songs are full of...well, him, and it shows. I'm going to be there, because sadly, I was wasted at his last show and don't remember much...

*On Friday, December 1, a band I happen to love that is completely under the local radar right now is playing at the 585...Chainestereo. These guys are young, and they have a sound unlike every other band you've seen ten times in the past six months, so check them out. If you don't do it Friday, then make plans to January 20th, when they'll play the blog's second ever showcase at Vinyl with Trances Arc and someone else...


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

episode 1.0 - "so... umm... yeah... errr"

it turns out that recording a podcast is extremely awkward.
but we were able to put something together.

this initial episode is going to be the start of a new era for COAMA. we're hoping, that through these podcasts, we'll be able to provide additional updates about what's going on, who's got it going on, when it's going on, and where the party is at. leah and i laughed because we sounded like a couple of drunk morons during the recording process- which now, drinking through the next session seems like a pretty smart idea...

so check it out, but remember it's ROUGH!

episode 1.0:

voxtrot - the start of something
the swear - the sleep inside
blake miller - in our own places
trances arc - don't like leaving
the pendletons - sad songs

*if you would like to hear your music on future episodes, feel free to send us an mp3.


A Plethora of Stuff for Your Enjoyment.

You'll all be very happy to know that after much planning and giggling, Ally and I have recorded the first podcast and it will be up sooner than you probably want it to be. Please listen to it and let us know what you think.

And now, I'm going to attempt to tackle all of the "work" (since when did this become work?) I've let pile up and enlighten you about a couple of albums, shows, bands, etc. that have been sent my way. It's good reading for the holidays! You can't tell me you're actually working this week...

**First up, I've mentioned this guy before, but I'm going to do it again for a couple of reasons. The first one being that he has a new CD called "Souldust" that's being released November 28th (next Tuesday). Another reason? He's having a CD Release show at Blind Willie's that same night that I will most certainly be attending because...he's awesome, and that's really all there is to it. Who is it? It's Greg Hester. I've been listening to this album, and it's seriously so full of soul...the kind that will take you back to a day where music was good, and insightful, rather than who could look the coolest and sound the most like a whiny little bitch. Hester has a way of using his deep voice (which sounds amazingly like Van shit) to reach a place that sets the mood for romance. Yes, romance. But this isn't like those compilations you see on TV late night that Time Life is trying to shove down your throat. It's the kind of thing that you make memories to, because the sound is timeless and classic, which is why this dude can pull out a crowd of people that ranges in age across decades. I've seen it first hand, and you should, too. Come to the CD release show next week, and get this CD, or at least get the CD if you can't make it to the show. You won't be disappointed, and I have a feeling Greg Hester will be a name you follow from then on.

**Secondly, I got an email the other night when I was settling in at home after being at the bar for a couple of hours, and there was a link to this video by The North Atlantic for their single called "Scientist Girl." Though I was drunk and slightly ADD, I was intrigued by this song, which happens to be a little harder than the stuff I normally listen to, but I'm going to share it anyways because, well, I just feel like it.

Scientist Girl Video - The North Atlantic

**Thirdly, I just found this email stuffed in with a million others (help! I'm drowning in a sea of email!)...but I went and listened to a couple of mp3s from a band from Connecticut called Titles, and I'm actually digging the songs. The one called "Dust" is pretty sweet because the music changes so drastically throughout the song. I also like lead singer Brad Amorosino's slightly raspy vocals. If you want to listen, here's a couple of links:
"Dust" - Titles
"Pink Pair of Shoes" - Titles

**Next, a band out of New York called the Lisps are touring around and landing in Atlanta next Wednesday, November 29th at the EARL. I'll put a couple links of their stuff up as well. This music is...hmm...very cheeky. Yeah, that's the word. I'm hearing lots of clapping and electronic music with both male and female vocals in their single, "Pepper Spray." The music can also be described as poppy, and certainly has a catchy little beat to it that kind of makes me want to dance, in response to some kind of anger I might harbor for the opposite sex, but that I'm not really aware of until I listen to this song. The second song has a bit of a Weezer-esque feel to it. I'm also going to compare it to that of one of my favorite 90s bands, the Murmurs (remember that song, "You Suck"? Think along those lines.) I'd definitely be interested in catching them live, because I have a feeling it's probably as fun to watch as it is to listen to. I mean, they're called "The Lisps" for Pete's sake. The Lisps. C'mon.
"Pepper Spray" - The Lisps
"The Winter That I Missed" - The Lisps

That's all I could get to right now without music overload. There is a show tomorrow night at Smith's Olde Bar...Tim Brantley, Trances Arc, and Beautiful Mess. I might as well announce the "Pick of the Week" while I'm at it. This week, I pick Trances Arc, because they've been debuting new material that has a tendency to stray from their older stuff, but it still manages to sound like them, and it's getting better all the time. If you'd like to read more about them (at least, what I think about them), then click here.

Monday, November 20, 2006

"i'm only concerned, don't take it the wrong way my friend..."

ahh thanksgiving. i kind of hate this holiday. it seems like with every passing year i just become more and more of an outcast in my family. i'm pretty sure the kicker was when i quit eating meat. it's really quite a depressing time for me. anyway...

as leah mentioned, the turkey jam will be a great excuse to get away from the fam. just think about it.

the other day i received an album by a guy named blake miller. i kept putting off listening to it, but i'm so glad i finally did because it's really good.

stylistically, he's very similar to devendra banhart. almost too similar, actually. but i really love devendra so i don't mind. they differ in that together with cats is just blake and his guitar, making it a rather dark LP. kind of like nick drake circa pink moon. whatever the case, give him a listen.

tomorrow the NEW brand new cd comes out. it's incredible. go buy it. while you're out, pick up the new beatles cirque du soleil:LOVE cd. the concept behind it is really cool. basically, sir george martin used the master tapes at abbey road studios and completely reworked them into new, experimental tracks for the circus. read more and check the track listing here. i cannot wait to hear the whole thing.

Free Tickets!

Okay, I've been slammed lately, but Ally and I are getting together tonight to try and attempt this podcast business.

I will also be setting aside time over the holiday to finally listen to the massive amounts of CDs and other fun marketing material I've received recently, so that's another thing for you to look forward to.

Right now, though, I have a little contest for you. The prize? Two tickets to the 1st Annual Turkey Jam that will take place at Vinyl and the Loft this coming Friday, November 24th. They're calling it "Turkey Jam," I'm calling it "Ditch Your Family Jam," because this is a good excuse to do just that. Think about the fact that in another month, you're going to be subjected to the "When are you getting married?" and "How's your job going?" inquiries all over again, so cut your Thanksgiving time short with this amazing show.

All you have to do is tell me which of the bands that are playing this ginormous show had the pleasure of playing 99X's MAIN stage at Music Midtown 2005. It was the same year the Killers played, and also the last year the festival happened. Email your answer and contact information to Put "Turkey Jam Contest" in the subject. This prize is a $20 value, and the line-up is impressive. You want to know more? Visit the venues' websites. If you are planning to go to the show, it's $12 for tickets the day of, but you can get $2 off with 3 canned goods that'll end up at the Atlanta Community Food Bank along with the proceeds from the door. When the bands are done playing, a DJ will be around to spin some hits for the true rockstars. Oh, and here's a list of the bands playing (obviously one of them is the answer to the trivia question):

Red Letter Agent

Obsession Day


Jil Station

The Joy Requiem

The Booze



Taking Lottie Home

You have until Wednesday, November 22nd to enter. Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pick of the Week #3.

This week, the Pick of the Week has already played, but they have another show coming up soon, so don’t fret, you can still check them out in the near future. With all of these Internet calendars popping up, there’s no way you can forget anything anymore, eh?

This band half hails from Atlanta, half from Lakeland, FL, making it a strong obstacle for them to get together to play shows. But they do it. They deserve a gold star for their efforts in trying to break into the Atlanta market. The band is called Estates, and they’re simply magnificent, if I do say so. They have this sound that kind of reminds me of Snow Patrol a little bit. They make good use of the keys and the drums are quite possibly the best I’ve heard ever. Yes, ever. Andrew Lee is phenomenal on them, making the live show literally mesmerizing. Though they’ve only been together for a year, Estates already has a six song EP called Be Fair that you can purchase here or at one of their shows, and I’m telling you right now after listening to it for a solid two days, you need to place your hands on it real quick-like.

Estates is exactly what this scene needs, because they can be appealing to a wide variety of listeners, and they don’t suck. Not only that, but they also don’t have a sound that’s generic to anything else around here. Of course, you’ll draw similarities of your own upon listening to them (which, as always, you can do on MySpace...check out "Houses"), but I’m telling you right now, they surpass most seasoned acts by a long stretch, so you’re doing yourself an immense favor by checking them out. You can catch them live next on December 10th at the 585, or on December 12th at Smith’s Olde Bar.

Annnnd...if you're looking for shows this week:
Tonight, Wednesday, November 15th: Plain Jane Automobile from Orlando is at Smith's Olde Bar, and a friend of mine has recommended another artist from Orlando...John Frank, who will be over at 10 High and will play at 9:45.

Friday, November 17th: Harrison Hudson will be at the 585, like I said earlier this week...or Slushco will be playing Lenny's.

That's all I got. Don't forget to sign up for the handy dandy mailing list over to the right ---> somewhere.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"life can be hard, life can be tough, life can be an elephant's tusk..."

i'm just gonna get right into this-

last week i received the new full length from band marino called the sea & the beast. so far, the best description i've been able to come up with is banjo twangin' nasal-rock. luckily for them, i dig all things banjo.

the band hails from orlando, fl where they will release their album on dec. 2. nathan bond handles the vox and is also the main songwriter. as for that magical banjo i mentioned earlier, that's courtesy of jonathan nee (the one in the hat). the entire cd is so... so, um... unusally awesome, that it's hard to pick a favorite song. i will say that "como se dice, senorita act 1: the laymen's lament" and "feel it in the air" are quickly growing on me. check it out for yourself and then head over to their myspace to stream more.

fans of the boy least likely to feast your ears:

band marino - "como se dice, senorita act 1: the laymen's lament"

geez, this week has been lame. hopefully, leah and i will have our podcast up and streaming by this weekend. get pumped.

Monday, November 13, 2006

News...You Still Need It.

Lots of stuff going on that you might want to know about. I'd also like to thank anyone who came out to 10 High Friday night for our first sponsored show. Steve Craig bailed, so guess who got to fill in? So, if you were there, you got to see me make an ass of myself on stage. I'm sure that was fun for everyone involved.

And now, the news:

*League of Evil has been named "Unsigned Band of the Month" on this website. Hey, that's more incentive for you to check them out next month when they play our first blog showcase! Score!

*Calling all Snowden fans: BreakThru Radio is airing a recording of Snowden's acoustic set from the White Rabbit during CMJ on DJ L's "In the Mix" show. You can listen to that TODAY! There will also be songs from Lindsay Rae Spurlock, Ryan McDougall, All the Saints, and Variac, amongst others.

*99X is actually doing something that's pretty awesome to promote our local scene. Sunday School is hosting a show at 10 High every Thursday this month with local bands. This week is the Preakness, and the Workouts are also playing. I caught the Workouts during Open Mic Madness, and I thought they were excellent. I also like whatever I've heard from the Preakness, so if you're looking for end of the week outings, hit this one.

*WRAS 88.5 is having a benefit show to celebrate their 35th anniversary, and they'll be announcing the line-up sometime today.

*Dead Confederate has posted new songs on their MySpace site if you want to take a listen to see what they've been up to.

*This Friday, November 17th, Harrison Hudson, formerly a resident of Atlanta, now a resident of Nashville, is going to be playing at the 585 if you want to go say hello to him. His new album, Angel on One Side and the Other on the Other, is a pretty sweet combination of folky, almost country-like tunes that are very Johnny Cash-ish.

*Also happening on Friday, November 17th, Decatur CD is turning three years old, and they're having a performance from the Selmanaires at 7 p.m. in the store to celebrate. That's in addition to the Terrapin they'll be serving up.

*The Futurists are halfway into their tour of the Midwest, and those crazy goons have posted a video for the world to see how rockstars live. Click on their name to view it. Hah!

*In Stereo's latest release, Return to Alternative, will be available for purchase beginning tomorrow. You can buy it here.

*ATF Records is looking for interns and street teamers for their Atlanta office. If you're interested, visit their website or email

*Heavy Mojo won a Global Battle of the Bands contest for the whole country, so now they get to bring their 'acid hop' to London next month. Congratulations to them.

That's all I got right now.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pick of the Week #2.

This week, I'm going to have two picks because there are two shows this weekend that you should hit. Also, I'm being incredibly lazy because this week has absolutely killed me between work work and hobby work. I've already posted about both my picks, so I'll just refer you to those, because I'd like to write about an album I just got that I'm actually (and surprisingly) fond of. And there is no "Dick of the Week" because I haven't had anyone piss me off in the past 7 days. Amazing, right?

The first pick is a band who is playing the 10 High tomorrow night, and I rave about them more than anyone else because they are awesome, and I promise, anyone who has heeded my advice on that will tell you I'm not lying. Rantings of Eva is numero uno on my favorite local acts list. Sorry, but I do play favorites. So that's your assignment for Friday night.

The second pick is an out-of-town band that is simply stellar with dirty rock that somewhat reminds me of Jet (not the new album, but Get Born...when it was actually good, raw rock). Hailing from Charleston, Leslie will be at the 585 Saturday night with Dead Confederate (winners of Open Mic Madness 2006) and the Judies. The write-up you'll be referred to is based on the recorded stuff, but I've seen them live twice now, and it's basically like crack. It'll make you focus on them so intently, but still allow for some serious head bobbing action.

And now, for the mention of an artist that you may know if you have previously enjoyed the sounds of Nickel Creek. Thanks to Sugar Hill Records for sending me the Chris Thile solo album, How to Grow a Woman, because even though I'm not exactly keen on the whole bluegrass-honkey sound, this showing of it has me appreciating the sound more than ever. The music isn't exactly centered around vocals, but more on the use of all the stringed instruments, which were all recorded live to two-track, according to Thile. This is a stripped down sound that works really, really well, as I listen to it, I can almost smell the horse manure and hay that are generally present at mountain festivals & gatherings, or the wood burning my poor little weenie (get your mind out of the gutter...I'm speaking of a hot dog weenie) around a late night campfire. Thile certainly shows off that he knows what he's doing with a mandolin, and I highly admire that. If you've ever marveled at this sound of somehow upbeat heartbreak spoken through the folk family of strings, then this is an album you should have. I can't even believe I'm so drawn to it...I think this is a first for me. I might even try to hop over to the Variety Playhouse on November 17th to catch them live.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"my tongue will taste of gin and malicious intent..."

is it really possible that i'm wide awake right now???

it might have something to do with the anticipation brewing inside of me for the BRAND NEW show tonight. most of you basically know nothing about me, but know this- i love brand new. this band is a major reason why i love music. your favorite weapon was brilliant, but i think deja entendu is quite possibly one of the greatest albums ever made. every single song from that album is so far ahead of it's time both lyrically and mechanically. i heard from a very reliable source tonight that they will be touring next year with both manchester orchestra and colour revolt. the new album, the devil and god are raging inside me, comes out nov. 21. if "sowing season" is any indication of how amazing it's going to be, then i cannot wait.

in other news- if you aren't going to gwinnett tonight, then i recommend heading over to smith's for snowden and the modern society. snowden's new album is fantastic. the best way to describe it is animal collective meets wolf parade, which happen to be two of my favorites. as for the moso's, i know they've been busy touring, but when i saw them at the loft during atlantis they played a new song called "black daisies" which was pretty badass. so check it out.

wednesday, white whale is playing at the earl. believe me, this show will be awesome. you should go. then thursday should be devoted to the elected and margot & the nuclear so and so's at the drunken unicorn. of course, that's provided they don't cancel like they have the past 15 times they've been scheduled to play here...

friday, if you know what's good for you, you'll go to the 10 high @ 9pm and support rantings of eva, the swear, halo stereo, and overwhelmed. of course if you want to be really adventurous, you could go by the 585 first for taking lottie home's cd release show @ 8pm. they will be playing with foreverdown and joshua fletcher & the six-shot romance. the show should be good. it's actually foreverdown's first full band show.

now, in order to satiate your listening palate(or maybe just mine)-

brand new - "me vs. maradona vs. elvis"

Friday, November 03, 2006

News: It Keeps You In The Know.

Here's a small collection of newsworthy tidbits surrounding our buzzing scene:


*The Futurists kick off a sweet tour through the midwest on Monday at the Masquerade with The Working Title.

*Second Shift is doing quite well with their "Power in Numbers" video, which was directed by Elizabeth Starkey. They entered Paper Magazine & Jack Spade 1st Annual Un-Hollywood Digital Film Contest and made the final top 6 videos. Very cool.

*I talked to the guys in the Beggars' Guild last weekend, and they're currently in the studio laying down some tracks, which is awesome, because I want the CD. Anxiously awaiting...

*Next Friday night, Bain Mattox will be playing an acoustic show at the Loft. It's early, at 7:00pm, so you can catch it before you head to 10 High for Election Day of the Dead (because I know that's where you plan to be).

*Next Saturday night, the 11th, Atlanta will be lucky enough to host Leslie from Charleston. One of the last times they were in town, their van was involved in some kind of gangster shootout, and bears bullet holes from the whole experience. They're playing the 585.

*Jon Harris & The Sin Hounds must be doing something right, because their album, Story to Tell, is one of the top 25 in rotation on WRFG 89.3 FM.

*Greg Hester (if you don't know who he is, you should change that) has set his CD Release party for his latest, Souldust, at Blind Willie's on November 28th.

*The Loft/Vinyl is throwing this huge after Thanksgiving thing on November 24th called Turkey Jam. I'll have more info on it later, but right now, I know there will be 10 bands, and lots of alcohol, and it provides an excuse to get away from the family.

*Kill Gordon put new songs off their impending album up on MySpace.

*Snowden will be returning to Atlanta from CMJ in NY to play Smith's Olde Bar on Tuesday night, November 7th. I'll be downstairs in the Atlanta room to see Jonathan Eller.

*Like Clockwork has a podcast on iTunes. They're also looking for a bass player, and one that doesn't suck ass. If that's you, then contact them.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pick of the Week #1.

**PICK OF THE WEEK: I think it's a super idea to highlight a band I plan to see each week, because, let's face it, there's never a week where I see no bands. There's just not. This week, I've decided to harp on Gates of Berlin because they're playing Friday (that's tomorrow) at 10 High, and I haven't really given my opinion of them yet. Here goes...the thing I like about this band is that they're not in one place. I go to their MySpace site to sample their songs, and I hear an all out rock tune at first that reminds me of older bands that laid the foundation of what rock is today. I was also somewhat reminded of Seven Mary Three on "Can't Get Off." I'm a fan of Seven Mary Three, so that's not a blow of any sort there. Then I listen to "The Curse of the Kiss," and I get the feeling that I'm listening to some kind of cheeky cabaret inspired song that's nicely fused with vocals that are pure rock instead of a pansy-sounding emo kid, as opposed to another band I can think of that's banking on the whole 'cabaret' thing (cough...Panic! at the Disco...cough). I like bands that can delve into a wide range of sounds and genres in one sitting, because it keeps me on my toes, always wondering what's going to be presented next. I'm anxious to give them another good listen tomorrow, since it's been almost a year since I caught one of their sets. There's that whole free beer thing from 9:00-11:00, too, so that should get me nice and sauced.

**DICK OF THE WEEK: I also had this brilliant idea to, if I feel so inclined, implement "Dick of the Week" to follow-up the "Pick of the Week." This week's award goes to a band bearing a name that sounds an awful lot like a collection of stringed instruments. Yeah, I know that's vague, but you can do the math on your own.

Someone in their camp felt it necessary to point out to me that on this lovely blog, I posted something not so nice about their music. They compared that to a blog from the past week that stated their music was great. Yes, well, I guess if you read the entire thing instead of only skipping to the part where your precious name is, then you would've saved yourself some embarrassment, because you would've seen that it was not me that said I liked your music. It was Ally. Which the post clearly states. I'm open to times when people ask me to take another listen, or to reconsider what I think about a band, but approaching me with the amount of cockiness I felt was present is really not the right direction to take, because if there is one thing I cannot stand, it's people, especially musicians, who think they're better than everyone else and let everyone know it. Sorry, but I'm fed up with egos.

The lesson here is that you should do your homework before you test me. Capisce?

I'll leave with a couple of Beck photos...(thanks to Katie for snapping them)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"cause they all know i'm in love with the sun..."

i would also like to reiterate just how brilliant beck was last night. the show will probably go down as one of my top 5 of the year. there's certainly no denying that beck is one of the most unique and innovative artists out today. i think what made the show so special(aside from my "morning after/walk of shame" costume), was the crowd participation. the majority of the show was done by audience request. of course there were the freaks who hollered out, "SABBATH!!!", but then there were also many good requests such as, "tropicalia". great, great, great show.

lately, i've been on a folk/alternative kick and the rosewood thieves are partly to blame.

the band is a 5-piece out of new york and their debut EP, from the decker house, has been getting some heavy rotation on my itunes. if you're up in ny for all the cmj action, i definitely recommend catching their show tonight @ 8 at the ace of clubs. their sound is very beatlesque, perhaps that is why i'm fond of them, but i'll let you all decide for yourselves. here is a track off their EP called "los angeles".

the rosewood thieves - "los angeles"

I'm Not a Loser, Baby.

Whoa. Just so you know, Beck is pretty much the epitome of amazing. I think it's the way he can stand in front of a crowd dressed like a pirate and ad lib so easily about "Debra," but still stick to the manual when belting out "Loser." I think everyone who was in the Loft last night felt blessed to be there, and I also thought that it was really cool of everyone (minus a couple of spoil sports) to wear costumes and get into the spirit of Halloween. I went as Wednesday Addams, and was with a magician and his assistant, and a guy resembling Munson from Kingpin in a very fetching blue polyester suit. It was a blast. Beck is probably the closest you'll get me to anything resembling rap, simply because rather than busting it up about poppin' a cap in someone's ass, he's going on about beer cans and the like.

So, there you have it. Well worth the $12.00 ticket to catch Beck and his pirate outfit, complete with bling.

Oh, we have a mailing list now. You should join it. I imagine if I had it set up before this show had happened, I would've sent out an email with the info about getting the tickets ahead of time. You never know... Sign up for it here.

Monday, October 30, 2006

beck, yo!

i've got mine, have you got yours?
so it appears that beck is going to be putting on a little show for us at vinyl tomorrow night. he goes on after the secret machines(who bore me to death unless i'm at bonnaroo or watching a car commercial) finish playing in center stage. if you hurry, there still might be some tix on sale through ticketalternative.

this show is going to be pretty sweet, it's not to be missed.
$12, vinyl @ 10
so get on it!!!!!

oh- you can dress up, too!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery.

First off, the next two weeks are going to be the poo doo dong as far as shows go. Yes, poo doo dong. I made it up, and I think it gets the point across. One that's not to be missed is FRIDAY, November 3rd at 10 High where Gates of Berlin will be playing with Tentonic and Jil Station. This may not sound like an extraordinary thing...a show at 10 High on a Friday night, but you're not taking into consideration that there will be FREE BEER from 9:00-11:00. No, that's not a joke. Peroni will be out there giving it away for the showgoers. The holidays are coming up, this is a stupendous way to get wasted on someone else's dime while you save to buy your grandma those cool knitting needles she's been wanting so she'll fit in with the rest of her quilting circle. But that's not the only reason you should be there. Gates of Berlin will give you a new reason to love rock-n-roll, and Jil Station will make you wish you were young again so that you could swagger around like them.

And for the imitation part. Last night, I wound up at the 585 to see The Beggars' Guild and Tim Brantley play the big Halloween show, which is why I smell like hashbrowns right now, because a trip to Cracker Barrel was imperative this morning to soak up the hangover I now have from all the free beer. Anyways, the show was great, and for whoever is following, Tim Brantley doesn't suck when the normal fans aren't there. I actually enjoyed it last night. There. Probably the funniest thing I have ever seen, though, is the costume that Paul Warner from the band Nova Milo came up with. Speaking of Nova Milo, they're awesome. I can't figure out why I'm just now becoming aware of them here recently. Check out the songs on their MySpace page I linked for you. I lurve "I'm Your Tiger" and "Love in Space" is kind of this slightly country rock sounding white boy rap. I've never heard anything like makes me want to bob my head and sing along and dance, and if you're keeping up, you know I don't do those things. Well, I don't do them sober.

Anyways, here's a visual of the costume:

Wondering what he is? He came dressed as Tim Brantley. And people were actually mistaking him. Priceless.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

here it is, the highly anticipated inaugural post from yours truly.

well hello guys and gals... my name is ally and i've been given the honor of co-writing on here with the lovely leah. it seems as though we're both all over the place, so we figured it would be much more efficient to team up. divide and conquer, if you will. we've got some big plans that we hope to put into action real soon, so brace yourselves. i have a feeling that this is going to be the start of something beautiful.

thursday night was a rather busy night for myself. i started at vinyl for the paste magazine party where i watched manchester orchestra and a little bit of what made milwaukee famous. MO did really well, though they struggled a bit with the sound. maybe i'm biased, but their new album like a virgin losing a child has become one of my absolute favorites. unfortunately, i have to say that i was pretty let down by WMMF. so shortly into their set, we opted to head over to the 10 high.

at the 10 high i caught the futurists in all their zombie glory. this was their first performance with new member, shane patrick, who tore it up on the drums. matt debusschere is now playing lead guitar where alan poole once entertained us all. as much as i enjoyed alan's theatrical performances, i think matt is really better suited for the part by making it more legit and less of a spectacle. they also finally debuted the new song "shades and shadows", which i like to think was because of my endless nagging. you can listen to it on john's (i guess you could call it experimental/demo?) page, thisistherevolution. overall, a great performance.

and now i leave you with a track called "complete or completing" from the band, annuals. it's off their album, be he me. this song is amazing, this band is amazing, and they're playing tomorrow night 10/29 @ the loft with the over-blogged, tapes 'n' tapes. that's all you need to know.

annuals - complete or completing

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Welcoming Committee.

Okay, folks, so I've been keeping up with this blog for a year now, and in that time, I've met some really awesome people with opinions as strong as mine when it comes to music. I've met people who have turned me on to new and exciting bands. I've met all kinds of people. One person in particular is Ally. She actually started a blog, but hasn't kept up with it, and I was excited when I noticed she was writing, because she has really awesome taste. So, I've asked her to join me here on COAMA. And she agreed, so she'll begin posting soon on the same kinds of things I'm posting about, but with her spin on them. I respect her opinion and think she's going to add a special flavor to this monster.

Ally has suggested we team up and do a podcast, so we're going to be working on getting that put together. Of course, we'll need help from bands, because it'll be set up where we play songs, in addition to running our mouths for a minute about shows and local music news. If you'd like to send us an mp3 to use in the future, please can email it to We have lots of collective ideas, so keep reading, because this party is going to become a gala, and you'll want to be present when it does.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Stomp & Stammer is Getting Old.

If you're not familiar with the monthly music publication Stomp & Stammer...what's wrong with you? It's honest, sometimes crass, and full of all you need to know as far as underground music goes. Oh, and sometimes, I write for it. It appears that the magazine will be a whopping ten years old (hey, it was being born as I was getting my driver's license...), and to celebrate, there will be a series of shows attached to it from now until the end of the year. I'll paste the list of shows here, and you can plan on attending at your leisure.

Thursday, Oct. 26th
Alejandro Escovedo, with National Grain

Monday, Oct. 30th
Tilly & the Wall, with the Black Lips, Mew, Pony Up
Variety Playhouse

Saturday, Nov. 4th
The Close CD Release, with Rizzudo, The Orphins

Wednesday, Nov. 8th
The Slits, with Apes, SIDS
Drunken Unicorn

Friday, Nov. 10th
The Black Keys, with The Black Angels
Variety Playhouse

Tuesday, Nov. 14th
Blue Cheer, with The Sweetloves, Thee Crucials

Wednesday, Nov. 15th
Trespassers William, with Summer Hymns, Liz Durrett

Sunday, Nov. 19th
Joanna Newsom
Variety Playhouse

Saturday, Nov. 25th

Saturday, Dec. 2nd
Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3, with Magnapop, Tim Lee

I'm not familiar with all of these bands, but there are a couple I know some kids around town are probably foaming at the mouth about, so get on it!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Upcoming, and Special.

As always, it's important to go out and listen to awesome music in dingy places so you have stories to tell your grandkids one day. Or your nieces and nephews.

Heads up:

This week: Check out The Futurists at the 10 High on Thursday, the 26th, because they're hot. And I'm not just talking about their music. They're HAWT. Yeah, I spelled it like that. Oh, annnnnnnnd, they have a new drummer. But don't worry, the old drummer, Matt D., is coming out of hiding behind the set to play guitar. Yay. Now we can see his darling face, front and center.

Next Week: Very important show here, because, well, it's rock rock rock for your poor little bones...November 3rd, once again, head to 10 High to see Tentonic, The Gates of Berlin, and Jil Station. I heard that Peroni is sponsoring this event...have you had that? It's mucho tasty. And FREE from 9:00-11:00. That's right, I said FREE BEER. Oh, and this show is my official pick of the week, so you pretty much have to be there.

The Week After Next: Another important show in the same place...10 High! Wow, they have some super shows lately. This one is no different. On November 10th, BreakThru Radio, PBR, 99X, and my little blog (Confessions of a Music Addict) are presenting "Election Day of the Dead," the musical stylings of The Swear, Overwhelmed, Halo Stereo, and Rantings of Eva.

You've been warned, so you have no excuse not to be at any of these shows. Suck it up and rock it off. Word.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Yes, There are Things to Look Forward To.

I have a case of the I do everyday...God, I really need a new paying gig - if anyone cares to help me out with that...anyways, here's what's worth a mention for the week:

*****Tuesday, October 24th:

-->The Dresden Dolls are at Variety-Playhouse. I lurve the Dresden Dolls. Two people making that much noise and causing that much havoc on my emotional spirit are worth checking out. They, much like the Scissor Sisters or KISS, are in costume all the time, with painted faces and doll-like apparel. If you haven't seen them, you need to. Listen to "Coin-Operated Boy" and understand why they're so awesome.

-->For a more chill atmosphere, check out Deke Spears in the Atlanta Room at Smith's Olde Bar. He's a singer-songwriter that doesn't suck and won't put you to sleep, two characteristics that must be present in order for me to even speak positively about a singer-songwriter.

*****Friday, October 27th:

-->Time for Halloween Festivals! Sweetwater Brewery is having something over at Rocky Mountain Pizza near the Georgia Tech campus with Jon Harris and the Sin Hounds, who are the perfect band to chill to while you're hanging out with friends and adult beverages.

-->Ooooorrr, if you're into bluegrass, Blueground Undergrass is going to work it on the stage at Smith's Olde Bar tonight with a rock/bluegrass infusion that's sure to be a sweet beginning to breaking out scarves and jackets.

Okay, so that's not a whole lot to look forward to...but it's better than nothing.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Check Her Out.

All of my influence came from the 80s and 90s. The 90s brought about the whole grunge era, and I was one of those kids that liked everything dark since that’s what the inside of my head felt like (God, I’m so emo). During that time, I found solace in Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos, because they spoke to me on a much deeper level than, say, Candlebox (did you know they have a greatest hits out? Weird.) or Seven Mary Three.

I’ve been lucky enough to find a local chick who is pretty much the equivalent of those two artists (McLachlan and Amos), except that she has a much more updated sound and an electric keyboard. Her name is Lindsay Rae Spurlock (she just moved to town from Baton Rouge), and she has these songs that are ethereal and mesmerizing to a point where listening to her makes my head spin into oblivion from all the thoughts that come rushing to my frontal lobe. It’s probably the best thing to see when you’re feeling any ounce of scorn, because Spurlock is lyrically depressing, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. She nails what you’ve ever wanted to say to a significant other when you part ways. Hey, I just thought of something. I’m going to pick up one of her CDs, so that when either myself or a friend happens to be in a breaking up situation, we can toss it at the dude and say, “Here, listen to this. That’s really all I have to say to you.” Good stuff, indeed. Go check her out, as I think you’ll like what you hear.