Friday, December 02, 2005

Good To Be Evil.

League of Evil

Wednesday at the Earl in East Atlanta, League of Evil played their very first show, opening up for Kill Gordon and The Sound Team. League of Evil has a very mellow sound and feel to it that was perfect for opening up a Wednesday night show. It reminded me a bit of Pinback, coupled with an edgier Radiohead-esque style, which was shown in their quality vocals paired with distinctive guitar riffs. Lead guitarist and singer Christopher Simony hit a few high notes in some of the songs that were balanced out nicely with Chris Parizo’s bass licks. This band has a very laid-back approach that could compliment a chill evening out, but on the other hand, they also exhibit the ability to completely rock. League of Evil is very much all about the music and less about the cheesiness that some bands tend to fall into now.

The set list was much like a roller coaster, as League of Evil started off with a slower tune revealing a long intro and then trading off to a harder melody, only to return to something more placid again. It really let the listeners witness how much eclectic sound the band is capable of producing. The real crowd pleaser was the last song, called Sleeping Late Among the Early Risers, which I will have to agree is definitely their sweetest piece of music, reminding me a bit of something I’ve heard out of the Doves.

League of Evil only has one more upcoming show listed as of yet, and that is on January 21 at the Drunken Unicorn. You can check out a couple of their songs on either MySpace or their official website.
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