Friday, December 23, 2005

Five in '05.

So here are the five albums I could not have lived without this year. I'm going to count backwards because it seems so much cooler that way.

5. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson. I'm sure this completely destroys my credibility, but unfortunately, it's the truth. If you can dig Kanye West, then I feel like I'm allowed to have Kelly Clarkson bottom out my list. Basically, this album has a shallow song that can fit into any angry feeling I've had over the past year. From Since U Been Gone to Behind These Hazel Eyes (mine are blue, by the way) to Gone, Breakaway covers it all. It's sassy. It's angry. It's man-hating. But throughout all of it, the songs still manage to remain upbeat and leave me walking away feeling somewhat empowered. A must in any young woman's collection, and yes, a must in mine.

4. Live It Out - Metric. Here's the sleeper of the list. I call it a sleeper because I think only a few people know about it. I love jamming out in the car to Poster of a Girl, mainly because the lyrics brilliantly fit my mood the majority of the time, and also because it leads into Monster Hospital, which manages to get me screaming "I fought the war but the war won't stop for the love of God" each time I hear it. I eventually manage to move on to The Police and The Private only to do the same head bobbing flail while behind the wheel. The beats in every song are all right on and make me love Metric even more than I did when I first heard them.

3. Strange Geometry - The Clientele. I already posted a big ass-kissing bit about this album right before seeing them live for the first time, so you had to know this would be on my list. My favorite thing to do when I can pull myself away from the world is to sit on the couch with coffee and some great work of literature and spin Strange Geometry. I don't know who this 'K' is that seems to be the subject of a couple songs, but I would like to meet them to thank them for inspiring Since K Got Over Me and every other song on there that keeps me calm and still, an abandonment from my normal routine.

2. Hot Fuss - The Killers. I'm not sure if this one came out last year or this year, but either way, I only discovered how incredibly awesome it is back in May, and I'm sorry I didn't give it a chance earlier than that. How often do you find a CD you can listen to all the way through without poking those little arrows to go to the next song? If you say often, I envy the fact that you're not a snob like me. The radio tends to stick to Somebody Told Me, All These Things That I Have Done, and Mr. Brightside. My all-time favorite is Midnight Show, even though I'm sure this is the reason I have almost been caught speeding down I-20 a few times. What? He said, "Drive faster!" So I did. And I still do. This one won't be retreating back to the jewel case for a very long time.

1. Silent Alarm - Bloc Party. This poo is so hot that I got heat rash when I picked up in the CD store. If you don't own this yet, shame on you! Listen to the masses on this one, it will not disappoint. Somehow they manage to create songs that have short lyrics, but hit hard and fast, all up in your face. Positive Tension and Banquet are on constant repeat over here, as is This Modern Love. I'm tortured by the beauty of it. Then they go and re-release this album completely remixed. Help! The mere idea of adding more beats and mixes to this already perfect track list sends me into a tailspin. There's nothing silent about this band, or their debut full length release, so get up and move to it.

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