Thursday, November 10, 2005

What To Do? Where To Go?

I've noticed an overabundance of some good local music this weekend that kind of makes me want to clone myself so that I can attend more than one show at a time.

  • November 10th: Tonight is the LiveX 10 CD release at the Loft. I'm still contemplating this outing. Morningwood will be there. I hate Morningwood. It starts at 7:00 and it's free.
  • November 11th:
    • At the Loft, you have Heavy Mojo performing alongside Family Force 5. I like Heavy Mojo. I purchased their CD It Is What It Is a few months ago, and I really enjoy it to get into a party mood. They pull out a fantastically energetic show as well if you want to check out something like that. Tickets are $5 and the time to be there is 8:30.
    • At 10 High, the Gates of Berlin are apparently going to "rock your panties off" at around 10:00. Guys, get in line for this one. I'd go later, though because Helios is also playing and I have seen them a couple of times and well, I would just go later. There's no price listed anywhere. It'll probably be around $7.
  • November 12th:
    • I will be in attendance at the Drunken Unicorn to see Snowden, Tora Tora Tora, and Sleep Therapy. Of course I have made known that I am a fan of Snowden, but I have also had the pleasure of witnessing Tora Tora Tora and am thrilled to see them again. Show is at 9:00 and you really need to be there.
    • The Tender Idols, Variac, and the Modern Society are going to be at Smith's. If I wasn't so anxious to be at the Unicorn, this is where I would be. This one is listed at 8:00.
    • Another anxiously awaited show is LCD Soundsystem, who will be at Earthlink Live.
    • Super Furry Animals will be at the Loft. If their performance is anything like their website, I'd be interested to see it. I'm kinda drunk right now, and it's not helping me any.
  • November 17th:
    • Mae will be at the Masquerade. I saw them at Warped Tour and this band kicks ass live. It's $12 to get in and you can catch them in Heaven. How appropriate.
  • November 18th:
    • Big show at the 10 High tonight! Sovus Radio and Kill Gordon will be playing side by side again. Don't miss this one. It's a Friday, so you have no excuse. Unless you happen to be...
    • the Earl for the Selmanaires, who are having their 7" release that night. It's $5 and the doors open at 9:00.
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