Monday, November 07, 2005

Sex A La "Mode"

Depeche Mode

Sex. The one thing that I was thinking of the entire time I was watching the forty-something Dave Gahan gyrate his hips in an Elvis-like gesture on Saturday night. Sure, the company I was with may have contributed to this thought, but Depeche Mode’s trophy lead man didn’t hurt those feelings whatsoever. I was highly impressed with how good he looks “for his age.” He must be pretty confident with himself considering the fact that he was strutting around in some fitting black pants and was shirtless by the last few songs.

Despite the fact that I felt quite young at this show (a nice change from most of the shows I have gone to recently), I had a stellar time, and this is saying much regarding the slight detail that I had to drive to Gwinnett and sit in a large arena to experience the whole thing. The Bravery opened up to a sparse crowd, which is really a shame. They put on an excellent performance to those of us who were actually paying attention. They sounded great covering their hit An Honest Mistake and the new single Unconditional. I could’ve done without the spastic jumping up and down of the lead singer, but overall, it was a pretty energetic showing of what this band can do.

Shortly after that, Depeche Mode came out. By this time, the arena was packed, except for the seats that were higher up towards the suites, which were also oddly meager in warm bodies. I was distracted a little bit by the man in the row in front of us, who was roughly my father’s age, holding his hands up to the sky and swaying back and forth in some sort of dance to slow songs and then pumping his pelvic region with no rhythm at all during the faster songs, but I chalked it up to the beauty of “the Mode” (as Kyle would say, and did, many times). They managed to play all of my favorites, including Personal Jesus (which incidentally is the most fun to watch when you’re standing beside two young men who cover this song in their band and obviously care for this particular song more than the rest), Policy of Truth, Just Can’t Get Enough, and Enjoy the Silence. Mostly they played songs from the new album Playing the Angel. The stage looked incredible as well. The keyboards were housed in these big, silver, space bubble-looking contraptions that had dots of lights on them that changed colors with each song. My favorite was the pink and purple lights.

All in all, it was a tremendous show. I got out of there early enough to catch Sovus Radio at Lenny’s, too. That was it’s own show in itself. Maybe later I will write about that, but right now, I must be off to the free happy hour. Stay classy, San Diego.
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