Saturday, November 19, 2005

Kill and the Radio Star.

Kill Gordon and Sovus Radio

Last night was another one of those nights that I get excited about because two of my favorite local bands played together at 10 High. The fact that I can walk there made it that much better, and allowed for an extra PBR or four.

First up for the night was The Poles from Asheville, NC. I have heard wonderful things about this band, but honestly, it's just not my style of music. I quietly sat back and listened to their set while waiting for Kill Gordon to go on, but I couldn't get into it. The feelings of those around me were mixed, some liked them, some didn't. When they finished up, Kill Gordon took the stage.

KG went right into it opening with In the Know, which immediately set the rock mood for those of us up front and center. There was definitely a lot of dancing and hair slinging from the crowd throughout the set. The band demanded attention with Pop Song, which is one of my favorites from Kill Gordon, by belting out "you're alright for a white girl." Lead man Kyle Gordon has a firm stage presence and rockstar quality that is to be admired by anyone who gets up in front of a group of people. On the last song, staying true to their form, Kyle began flailing around the stage with his guitar, which was missing a couple of strings from the first song, only to fall over the pedastal set up for the drums and squirm around on the floor like a fish out of water before getting up and throwing his guitar down. Cyrus, the bassist, followed Kyle's example next by chucking his guitar and knocking over one of the cymbals. Needless to say, it was definitely an ending that the crowd went wild over.

Sovus Radio accepting the 2005 Open Mic Madness Award from Josh Rifkind in October.

Finally Sovus Radio set up and took over for the rest of the evening. Surprisingly, the crowd was still pretty packed at this late hour, which is usually not the case. They have definitely built a much larger fan base since I first saw them in the spring, and it's easy to see why. Decked out in thrift store threads and silk scarves that any wearer of plaid pants would envy, they played with their psychedelic style to pleased onlookers. Everytime I hear Sovus Radio, whether it be live or on their stellar demo, I feel like I should either be lying in bed writing a masterpiece of a novel, or sitting in a room of red lights and smoking massive amounts of dank. The sound is definitely trippy in the best way possible. These guys have their own style, and it works so well that people keep coming back for more, and this is why I love them.
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