Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hot Hot Heat on a Cold Cold Night.

Hot Hot Heat

It's pretty much freezing outside. It seems that winter is finally upon us...until it freakishly turns 75 next week, as it usually does here in Atlanta. Tonight was the Budweiser One Night Stand with Hot Hot Heat at the Coca-Cola Roxy. Supposedly you had to win tickets from 99X to get in, as in, they could not be bought by the general public. My friend Jay had an extra, so I went along for the ride.

There were two opening bands, but we only went in for Hot Hot Heat. I am fond of this band that hails from Canada, so I was excited to finally see them live for the first time. The lights throughout the show were quite impressive. Sometimes it's all about the visual. The last time I visited the Roxy was back in May to see Better Than Ezra, which was amazing. The show I saw tonight was somewhat mediocre. The venue is a good size, and the sound there is always good, so those two factors weighed in nicely. There was also a good bit of space to grind up on your redneck boyfriend if you happened to be the trashy chick who was standing in front of me, so that's always desirable to have when you're viewing a group that gets so much play on the radio.

I have to say that I wasn't completely impressed with the lack of energy exhibited by lead man Steve Bays. Sure, he walked around and tried to work the crowd, but the swagger most seasoned front men possess wasn't present until the very last song, which appropriately happened to be Goodnight Goodnight. I will give him credit for his style, though, since for some reason I couldn't help being envious of his pants. He also does this great thing with his tongue while he sings that kind of reminds me of a lizard.

When they played Island of the Honest Man there was a lot more energy than in some of the other songs. It seemed to me that the whole band just really felt more on a couple of songs than all of them, which I personally think should be shown throughout the entire show. Even when they performed the newest hit heard on the radio, Middle of Nowhere, it appeared that they were just going through the motions. This could be because they've been touring for a while (almost an entire month straight), and the luster of performing has worn off, so this is something I hope they try to perfect before they come back to Atlanta.

The stage show was well displayed, with backdrop art from the new album Elevator that dropped a couple of times during the show. The band gave a shout out to Butch Walker, who was in attendance, before playing a song described as the only "bitter break-up song" of the night, a phrase I have heard Butch toss around before. At the end, red and white confetti shot out from the stage close to where we were standing, and I must say that this gesture made me smile. It was fun, I just hate it for whoever has to clean that up now.
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