Sunday, November 13, 2005

Deep Inside the Concourse...


Tonight I realized that it is painful as hell to wear heels and walk to a venue where you plan to stand for three hours. I'll tell you what wasn't painful, though, and that was the Snowden performance I got to see at the end of a long walk to the Drunken Unicorn.

I've really been digging the new tunes they have posted on their MySpace site, and I've heard them a couple of times at the past couple of shows, but after spending my day catching up on them, I was very ready to hear them performed again.

Tonight was a different kind of show in so many good ways. The smoky and dark room of the Drunken Unicorn was almost bare before Snowden went on, but by the time they took the stage, it was hard to find a good spot to view from. There was definitely an anxious crowd as they all settled into their normal positions, and the veterans in the room were surprised to find an added body to the foursome. That added body was Kyle Dreaden of Jil Station, who has been rehearsing with Snowden on the side.

People are normally skeptical of a change in the show they're used to seeing, but personally, I think it's a keen move on the band's part to explore other ways of presenting music, and from asking around, everyone agreed with me. Kyle was there to give added support to Jordan Jeffares on the keyboards and on the majority of the vocals, and judging from the reaction of the audience, it was a good move. Fresh off a mini tour through Philidelphia and New York, I think this was the best performance I have seen from Snowden, granted I've only seen them about four times total. The sound was perfectly on target, making it easy to pump the energy from the drunk group dancing (we'll just call it dancing) up close toward the front of the stage. I saw this group as I entered the venue, and they weren't even aware there were bands playing tonight, so I know by the end of the night, Snowden had at least six new fans, though from the murmur, I found out that the number is higher than that.

The vigor of the band was enhanced by the combination of Jordan's mad guitar shredding and Kyle's slick dance moves. It's plain to see how this collaboration came about. During my new personal favorite, Anti Anti, there was a ton of movement around me as well as on stage. I'm sure it had something to do with the change up in tempo that's thrown into the song so beautifully. I'm certainly hoping that I get to see this magnificent alliance happen again, since I walked away with a smile on my face at what I was able to view and listen to for about forty minutes tonight.

Download Black Eyes mp3 here.
Download Good News mp3 here.
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